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advice appreciated; when child's story doesn't match up.

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by liberator, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. Took a phone call at 4.45 on Thurs eve from a parent saying that his partner had phoned him to say their son had a big bruise/ bump on head that they hadn't been informed about plus child told parent they'd fallen asleep in school and had felt dizzy.The child is only 4 and we have worries about speech and development. Obviously he was concerned, and couldn't understand how I didn't know as we' re v.tight on bump notes and level of care. However, after over 2 hours of phoning and speaking to 7 members of staff, no bump/ bruise was accounted for and definately no nap so and rang back and spoke to parents , hoping to continue the conversation/ investigation on Friday but the parent rang in ( to another member of staff) saying the child was sick and we couldn't contact either parent by phone despite trying various numbers.Therefore we havn't seen the child and allleged bruise and beginning to worry there's something fishy? What would you do ? Replies appreciated. L
  2. jellandy

    jellandy New commenter

    Check with MSAs and staff to be sure. Invite parents in and discuss..... clarity should emerge.
  3. Make sure you have recorded everything you have done so far in your investigation, you can never be too well prepared. It could be perfectly innocent, on the other hand it could be a deliberate injury to the child and by contacting the school they are starting to develop a smoke screen to divert attention.
  4. I would keep ringing to seek information about the head injury and to be a bit pushy about them getting to a doctor. Kindly offer to send the school nurse round if they can't get to the doctor & insist due to the seriousness of head injury. If that was Thursday & no news yet you need to make a call to Social s or welfare officer at the least. What can they do- shout at you for intruding? At least you'd know the child is ok.

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