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Advice and support

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by jd876, Feb 8, 2016.

  1. jd876

    jd876 New commenter

    Hi there.

    I've been having a lot of issues with sickness, the underlying cause of which is often my depression and anxiety. I tend to catch something, then the anxiety of returning to work stretches what should be a day or two into a week.

    Earlier in the school year my school began the sickness and absence procedures which have been increased to the formal warning stage. I've contacted my union and my gp and even the teacher support line and am due to start counselling soon but can't help but feel like an utter failure. I feel like I'm letting down the people at work but when I get up to go to work (if I have slept which is becoming rarer) I have several panic attacks and sometimes am physically sick from it all.

    The last time I spoke to management they actually mentioned that I was letting people down and that we had several things happening in school I should be there for and that my absence was putting a massive strain on them.

    It's things I already thought, but hearing it out loud completely crippled me. I then had to be on the phone to my union and my gp and the teacher support line and after all of that I'm just so drained. I feel like I don't know what to do and after several years of teaching to what I was told was a high quality I'm now not sure if it's something I can even stay in.

    I guess I just need help and advice as the Union was rushed off their feet so unable to say much beyond that they would get a rep to contact me in the future.
  2. sunshineonarainyday

    sunshineonarainyday Occasional commenter

    There are people here who are far better qualified to offer advice than I am, but I just wanted to offer support and send my very best wishes to you for a speedy recovery. You have to put your health first, no matter what your school says and regardless of any pressure they put you under to return before you're ready. I think I read on here recently that your employer has a duty of care to you as long as they know you're struggling (I wish I knew which part of the forum it was in, as I don't want to give inaccurate information, if I can find it I'll post the link).

    Please look after yourself and take care. In my short time posting on here, I have found people here to be so very kind and caring. Make sure you rest, relax and take time to recover.
  3. sunshineonarainyday

    sunshineonarainyday Occasional commenter

    The thread I was referring to is the sticky one from @GLsghost towards the top of this forum called Work Related Stress: what the law says.
  4. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter


    Oh you poor thing!

    You are clearly not in a fit state to go back to work in school just yet. Absolutely not!

    But you have been very sensible in contacting your union and the Teacher Support helpline. I hope that you have also been sensible in seeing your GP and following their advice completely.

    Here is the thread that GlsGhost and I wrote:

    Work-related stress: what the law says

    And here's an article on sick pay

    Sick leave and Sick pay

    I hope these are useful.

    Best wishes for soon feeling much better


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