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Advice after Prison

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by Kenpark, May 23, 2011.

  1. Completed PGCE(Post16) CTTLS July 2008, recession hit, not much scope in Cumbria, continued job hunts, sentenced to 10 weeks in prison Nov 2010 (civil offence non-payment of council tax) as this is a civil offence do I have to declare on job apps when they ask for criminal convictions, and will it show on CRB checks. P.S. Ifl are unable or unwilling to give answer
  2. I am no lawyer, and suggest you consult one (Citizen's advice) or a trade union official.
    However, one of my colleagues is a magistrate, just asked him, he says it is very unlikely you were imprisoned for a civil offence. There must have been a long process, and at some point a court would have looked at this matter, and ordered you to pay. If you ended up in prison, it was for failure to obey a court order, which is a criminal offence.
    So, the short answer it, you must declare the conviction and sentence.
    The good news is, I worked for 6 years with a man who had served two years for a violent crime (beat up his girlfriend), but was still able to work as a lecturer. It all depends upon the employer - if they decide you are safe to employ, they can employ you. As it happens, he was a great with 'dificilt' teenagers, really helped them calm down.
    Unless you are on list 99 (banned for sexual offences, etc) the CRB system only reports the records, it does not say YES or NO.
    Nobody passes a CRB Check, as CRB do not make a judgement, they only disclose the records.
  3. your friend is partially correct, the sysytem classified me as a civil prisoner not criminal and as such was treated as if on remand, but that's by the by and I've done my time - even done some tutoring / mentoring inside as I was more qualified than some of the tutors.
    Thank you for the info at least I may still be able to have a career.
  4. Try signing up for an agency like Protocol. They will apply for a CRB check on your behalf, (although you may have to pay for it). That way you'll discover what, if anything, appears on your record before you apply for a job.
  5. have been registered with Protocol for over 12 months, due to family comms and my rural location (Cumbria) there are very limited opps within a reasonable travelling time - unless sheep decide to learn numeracy so they can count humans in order to sleep, massive population then.

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