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Advice about keeping distracted students engaged

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by fauziafatima, Dec 13, 2015.

  1. fauziafatima

    fauziafatima New commenter

    I always find myself repeating disciplinary instructions a number of times whenever I am using digital technology in the classroom and students have to work collaboratively. At times I feel it's difficult for 6 year old students to work collaboratively as each one of them wants to handle the device independently. How can I ensure on task behaviour? How can I ensure collaboration in an ET lesson?
    Help much needed!
  2. Calamity54321

    Calamity54321 New commenter

    This isn't really a workplace dilemma, but I would tell students that they will be taking it in turns using the device. You can have an egg timer as a visual way for them to see how long until their turn.
  3. gooddays

    gooddays Senior commenter

    And model how to use it with a student, showing your thinking.

    Teacher: "I really wish it were my turn already. Fauntleroy's turn seems to be taking a very long time. But the sand isn't through the egg timer yet, so I have to wait." Ding!!

    Student: "It's your turn. Now I'm the one who has to wait."

    Teacher: "Thanks, Fauntleroy. I hope the time passes quickly for you. It wasn't too hard to wait."

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