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Advice about a creative course

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by WillowFae, Nov 10, 2015.

  1. WillowFae

    WillowFae New commenter


    I'm an RS teacher but before I went into teaching I was a web developer - server side scripting mainly. We currently offer ICT at our school so have no computer science teacher, so I thought I'd pick a few brains here.

    Friday afternoons at school involves a creative curriculum where students across the school can choose do to something 'different'. From archery or wake boarding in the sporting arena, to first aid or baby sitting skills. Some teachers offer options based around their subjects (History detectives springs to mind) others offer something completely different (one of our Science teachers offers an option in fabric painting).

    I have been asked if I will offer something on web development. We are talking a 10 week course for an hour a week. It obviously leads to no qualification, just a chance to learn new skills.

    Has anyone by any chance done something similar to this?
  2. jpgreenwood

    jpgreenwood Occasional commenter

    Sounds like it could be great for you, and for the kids. I wouldn't go looking for a packaged course, I'd write my own. Anything developed by someone else will need so much tweaking that it becomes a false economy.

    You need to know how much time you have, the age(s) and level(s) of ability of the kids, as well as what's possible & what's not in your school - software, webspace, FTP access - and then get planning.

    I generally start out with an intro to HTML through notepad, building simple pages with bundles of links in a pseudo navbar to make a template, to which the kids add various bits of content. It can be a really nice showcasing project for later in the year - our year 8s can embed their Flash animations, screenshots of db systems they've made, embed Prezis/Google Slides & PDFs. We then start using DreamWeaver, mostly just because of time constraints and wanting them to actually produce something.

    Hope that helps - good luck!
  3. JaquesJaquesLiverot

    JaquesJaquesLiverot Established commenter

    I would consider Expression Web instead - not only does it discourage you from using Fireworks (or the moribund Flash) to do things like rollovers (which are better done in CSS), but it's also free so the students can install it and carry on their learning at home.
  4. jpgreenwood

    jpgreenwood Occasional commenter

    Thanks JJL, and I agree, Expression Web is a definite step up from DreamWeaver for the reasons you mention.

    My HoD had been using Dw for a while & had everything set up for that. Switching to EW has been on my back burner to-do list for quite some time, I've just never got round to it. It's up after Christmas... maybe this time!

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