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Advice about a boy in my class.

Discussion in 'Primary' started by pocoyo, May 22, 2011.

  1. I have just started in a year one class after Easter and I have a boy in my class who cannot have other children in his personal space without hitting, pushing or putting his hands on then in some way. Apparently it was an ongoing problem previously in the year and he was on a behaviour book but didn't work that well. A behaviour chart is not an option as family are afraid he will be singled out which makes his behaviour worse. I have spoke to the child and he is aware of his behaviour and tells me he regrets if afterwards and knows he has done wrong. It seems that he cannot help his behaviour. I am lost for what I can do to try to help him stop this behaviour. I'm not sure what else I can do to encourage this behaviour to stop. Does anyone have any suggestions or maybe you have been in a simialr situation and have tried something that was effective?
    I would be grateful for any advice.
    Thank you :0)
  2. I've has this in my class and it can be worrying. Have you tried constant priase/strickers for all the little things he does appropriately or well? Sitting nicely, forming letters correctly, being polite etc? Pick up on EVERY liitle good thing and take the focus off the poor behaviour. Other children can also be praised in a similar waythus he is not being singled out.
    Also, what sanctions are in place for the poor behaviour? I would make sure these are very consistently applied by all members of staff involved with the child, this goes for the praise/rewards as well. If you have golden time in your class, maybe he could earn some for the whole class so that they see he is doing something nice for them, this might help him become more popular with his peers, might mend the gaps caused by his physical behaviour.
    Perhaps have a circle time about appropriate ways to interact with each other to try to develop some understanding about how some people like to be close to others and some do not (in child speak of course!)
    hope this helps x
  3. These actions are sometimes symptomatic of fragile x syndrome. (especially if he really cannot help it. Does he react in this way with his family?
  4. A social story might work. Before every lesson he would read the story with a TA or you and that would remind him what appropriate behaviour is. I have done one in communication in print with one of my Year 6s about poking and stamping on people and it has worked well. You can google social stories but basically (in the 1st person) you talk about how nice it is to sit on the carpet with your friends and learn together. Then you talk about the behaviour and how it makes other people feel. Then say "I will try not to..." (you must put try so they haven't failed if they don't do it). Then the consequence of behaving properly.
    At school we often sit on the carpet together to learn new things. It is fun to sit together on the carpet because I can talk to my friends about what I am learning. Sometimes when I am sitting on the carpet I hit other children. This makes them very upset and then they don't want to sit next to me. Mrs XXXX also gets upset when I hit other children. Iwill try not to hit other children when I am sitting on the carpet. If I do this my friends will like me and will want to sit next to me. Mrs XXXX will be very pleased with me.
    One thing, these should not be used as a punishment. Read before each lesson and it normally has a massive effect within 2 weeks. Hope that helps!
  5. clawthorpegirl

    clawthorpegirl New commenter

    Have just come accorss 'Chance Boards' which I am trying with 2 boys in my class. You need a small laminated chart which states across the top 'I have three chances to stop hurting or touching the other children'. Underneath is split into 4 sections, each one with a laminated circle velcroed on. Underneath the 4th circle there is a suitable sanction i.e. 'I have no more chances left and now must have 2 minutes time out'. Each time the unacceptable behaviour is displayed then you remove one circle, without speaking to or engaging with child. While working on the carpet I have the Chance Boards next to me, while working independently the board is with the child.
    However as mentioned earlier I would consider possible reasons why the child is beahving in this way and whether he does find it really difficult to tolerate others being close to him. Have you spoken to parents? Also waht about SENCO? There are staretgies you could try whihc may help him, such as having a carpet tile which only he is allowed to sit on during carpet work, or a specific, named chair for table work. Also have you tried Circle Time input on personal space issues and how some children don't like to be leaned upon, touched etc.Year Ones can be a very touchy feely bunch!
    Good Luck
  6. it's what to say to the other children and their parents when they are getting hurt on a daily basis, that's what I struggle with.
  7. He would benefit from a fidget toy in the short term, perhaps a Tangle - but long term he will need to learn to manage his impulsions. I will PM you some tips and strategies.

    Good luck!

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