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Advertising private tutoring

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by abimanktelow, May 22, 2013.

  1. Hi,

    I am interested in doing some private tutoring as an alternative to teaching in the classroom. Can anyone help in regards to what I need to do to set this up? Do I need insurance of any kind? or anything else alongside my crb check?

    Where is the best place to advertise? I have looked on some websites but don't want to get into the whole having to pay commision to companies so any tips of where to advertise and how would be brilliant?

    Thank you in advance

  2. I have been a private tutor for about 8 years or so and found that joining a local agency was a good start ; even though you do pay commission to them.

    I have recently started advertising just in local shop windows and leaving my business card in local places, also. I have one ad on a web-site (name escapes me!) and potential students can view your profile BUT have to pay to receive your contact details. The site alerts you and gives you the option of contacting potential students (if you agree first) The student only pays for your full details, if they wish to engage you as a tutor.

    I find that local agencies can offer a fair amount of work and just call you when they have a pupil lined up to suit your specialism. As I can't stand the stress of lecturing in a college anymore have found private tuition the answer and really love doing this, now. Work after 3.00, and less stress involved. Also, you do pick up work when students recommend you to their friends and families. You may wish to insure your car for business use, if travelling to a tuition. There are various web sites and one called Global Tuition ( contacted me directly) this suits English teachers; who wish to teach ESOL. However this American company does absolutely everything ON LINE only (payroll included) That's not always helpful! Pay is pretty good though!

    I also advertise in local library directories or data-bases; worth a try! They haven't come up with much, as yet.

    Wishing you lot's of luck and although tutoring in the home is very intense (tailor-made!) it is very rewarding; complimenting existing pupil's school studies and high achievement potential.
  3. never_expect_anything

    never_expect_anything Occasional commenter

    It depends where you are and what the demand is like in your area, but personally I'd say there's no need to join an agency! My tips:

    1) Register for free with websites such as SearchTutors (free!), FirstTutors, TutorHunt... Some of these charge a one-off 'referral' fee to parents (but that offers everyone concerned a little peace of mind, in my view) - I never register anywhere that charges commission!

    2) Get professional indemnity and public liability insurance (I have mine for around £50 a year through Alan Boswell, but there are tons of companies offering good policies for good rates - shop around)

    3) Get some free business cards / flyers printed.

    4) Set up a website

    Good luck!
  4. Some good advice there from never_expect_anything.

    On the advertising front, I'd also suggest asking yourself the following question:

    ?Who am I trying to reach and where are they most likely to search for my services??

    Once you have targeted your client base and explored where they are likely to be looking for a tutor, you have already saved yourself the effort of exploring a lot of fruitless avenues. I'd say that traditional advertising methods such as newspaper adverts tend to be expensive, costing around £45 for a very small advert in one edition of a weekly paper. Displaying adverts in local shops, community centres and libraries are often a more successful means of encouraging interest.

    Generally, I'd say that the most effective means of advertising is online. These days, people are more likely to turn to the internet to find information and services than they are to pick up reference books or paper directories. Like never_expect_anything suggested, set up a website. You could try experimenting with Google adwords to see if it helps send some business your way.

    Hope this helps some.

  5. Hi, I hope I can help.

    I have found these methods to be useful to get clients:

    - http://www.chalksy.com, an online tutoring marketplace that puts you in front of an audience of learners, create your class, add a great description and even a video as a first point of contact, and you'll get a handful of students.

    - Browse Craigslist, Gumtree etc. for any students interested in learning.

    - Flyer your local schools and such, probably not so effective in the summer.

    I hope you get some clients, I really do recommend Chalksy.com.

  6. Hello Abimanktelow,

    I am mathematics tutor living in London. I have been working with an online platform named Select My Tutor that basically connects students and private tutors. I would like to suggest you go through it. I had a great experience with them. As an additional advantage you can also consider online tutoring with this platform.

  7. Take advantage of free online directories like BookMyCity, Google, etc.
  8. gracejulian24

    gracejulian24 New commenter

    As many parents search online to find closer to home, online presence is very important. While many websites charge fees, children specialty website www.KidoServ.com allow tutors to post their service for free and also parents can search for services and post jobs for free. It is zip code based (support only USA cities), so you can list your service under your preferred zip code.

    Traditional marketing like flyers, notice board and business cards are short lived. Craigslist is ok for short term, but it is like news feed and people tend to lose track of you. Building your website is good, but driving traffic is really hard.

    To build your online reputation. once you get profile in website like Kidoserv, try to get as many (good) reviews as possible under your profile as that will act as testimony for your future prospect client/students. Share your profile link in social media website like facebook, twitter, google plus to get double exposure and for google to rank well your name locally in your service area. Good luck.
  9. JustCricket

    JustCricket New commenter

    Bumping that 2 year old thread to promote a website that doesn't even support the country where the majority of membership here lives.... Bravo!

    I went and left a negative review of kidoserv on facebook just because you wasted my time.

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