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Advanced bowling techniques for rounders

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by footyteacher, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. Contact the Rounders Association. There's quite a good DVD which has some techniques, I believe.

    Bowling action has to be smooth and underarm which limits the range of techniques, but holding the ball in four fingers with the thumb behind it is effective to give side to the ball if you flick the thumb as the ball is released. Holding four figers on the outside of the ball and the thumb on the insie, nearest the leg is also effective. Rotate the thumb back and the fingers forward as the ball is released.
  2. Are your bowlers standing at the front of the square and rolling the ball down off one stride like table skittles or running across the squad to generate pace?
    The next stage on from one stride is to stand at the back of the square, side on rather than face on to the batter, bowling arm stretched out backwards, then two side strides across the square, back foot round, hips down, pivoting on front foot, drag arm through as though you a pulling a heavy stone, at same time non bowling arm goes back for balance, turn bowling wrist over so palm up and ball at top and let go off ball, finger ends pointing at the target. Need anymore help mark.rounders@fsmail.net
  3. naomi26

    naomi26 New commenter

    Hi, is it possible I could have any rounders info you may have? Its tough finding resources for this sport.


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