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Adult Numeracy Level 1 Lesson planning HD/L1-HD/L2

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by kksmarty2010, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. Hellp!
    I have to teach a lesson to adult learners, 16-18 years old( functional skills) about extracting, interpreting tables (HD1/L1) and creating a table. This lesson needs to be an active lesson with discussion, hands on activities and questioning with a minimum of teacher talk. Can anybody could give me some advice, tips, resources or lesson plans.
  2. My groups really like group activities - you could start with a follow me activity on times tables (something they always need to improve on) and then show them a multiplication table - a form of table they'll all be familiar with. Ask them how to read it and give them a multiplication tables based on reading the chart - you could even use a large one and ask them to put counters in the correct place. I would try to generate discussion at this point to get them to think about when we might use tables in real life (my groups are used to generating discussion but I can see why this wouldn't always work). Then move on to a different kind of table - like a bus timetable or a timesheet - make sure it's something that you would use on a day-to-day basis and something they've already mentioned, and move on to more complex questions. Then, as above, move on to them creating their own table (you might want to provide the frame to go with this or if available, they could always use a computer?)
    I would have a look at the excellence gateway for objectives and an idea of their levels too if you're new to this area of teaching.

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