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Adult initiated activity passport?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by notime, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. I am looking for a way for the children in my reception class to show that they have completed some of the tasks that I have set up in the classroom. At the moment they tend to choose what they want to do all the time, rather than completing activities which I have set up. Does anyone have any tried and tested methods for getting the children to show that they have completed the activities? I was thinking of a passport, where they could get a stamp from an adult when they are seen completing one of the adult initiated tasks....
  2. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    What do you mean by completing?
  3. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    I was wondering how much adult-initiated tasks would be completed in the absence of an adult.
  4. This reminds me of what used to happen before child-initiated became the buzz word. We used to have a carousel of activities based on a theme and children would be allocated a task, which was modelled to everyone at the beginning of the week, swapping each day. Tasks would be differentiated according to which group were doing it. Teacher and TA would support more challenging activities or less able children. Child- initiated was confined to 'choosing time' when the children had finished their task. The problem was that tasks which were not supervised tended to be simple and repetitive tasks so that children would know what to do. There was really not much room for creativity or challenge. It was difficult to be sure children were learning. Some younger children never managed to get it right!Perhaps you could consider giving the child-initiated activities more priority with an adult supporting those rather than trying to find ways for children to complete tasks you have set.
  5. When I was triaining I spent time in a reception class where all the children had a little hanger with a photo of them on and a sheet of paper with the different areas of the classoom stuck on. Each area of the classroom had the correct number of hooks so the children could hang their hanger on the hooks in the area they had chosen to plan in, when the hooks were full of hangers there was no space to play there.
    When the child had worked in that area of the classroom (usually enhanced by topic or theme) they coloured in a circle next to the picture of that area of the classroom on their individual hanger. Each day of the week the colouring pencils would change colour (e.g. monday yellow pencils, tuesday blue etc etc)
    The children would then review where they had worked with the teacher. The teacher would also have 'jobs' in certain areas of the classroom that everyone was expected to have a go at completing, the hangers meant she could keep track of who had completed which activities.
    It sounds complicated but it worked really well for her, although took some setting up and maintaining. I'm not sure if it's the type of thing you're looking for?
  6. I guess what I am trying to establish is how other people ensure that the children are 'productive' during their child initiated time. As I only have myself in the classroom on an afternoon I find it difficult to ensure that the children that I am not working with remain on-task and challenged as I can often only get through 50% of the children in the afternoon. It was suggested by the head that something like a passport might help to keep them challenged in the outdoor area as they often will just play and at a low challenge level. I am new to reception so am trying different things out.

    I like the idea of the coat hook, it is similar to what I was thinking about for the passport....

    Thanks for the feedback everyone
  7. It must be very difficult being on your own all afternoon. How many children do you have ? Do you do CLL and PSRN in the morning. When you say get through 50% do you mean in small groups or 1:1. If it were me I think I would teach in an adult alongside role in the afternoon, so I could make sure I helped the children who most needed support to focus and to be challenged. I have also got a play choices sheet with 1st,2nd and 3rd choices which chn who need to plan do and review can fill out -they draw their choices, I label and pin it up. They follow their plan and feedback later to their friends. Also, I ask chn to put models/artwork etc on my chair to show in a plenary. This helps then to complete activities with an end product and take care with their work. Hope this helps
  8. Thank you. I have 21 children, 5 of which are Y1. I like the idea of plan, review, do - although I have never tried it, so perhaps that would be a good direction to go in and the children then still have ownership.

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