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Adobe Media Training

Discussion in 'Teaching & Learning' started by fluffsweet, Oct 13, 2020.

  1. fluffsweet

    fluffsweet New commenter

    Dear all,
    I'm setting up the new Media Studies GCSE in my school, and we're going to be using the Adobe creative suite software - does anyone have any recommendations for training that me and my colleague might undertake?
    Preferably online, but in person if needs be!
    Thanks so much for your help - there seems to be so much info out there I can't work out what is credible and trustworthy!
  2. pair_of_argyles

    pair_of_argyles Occasional commenter

    If you want pro Adobe courses then you (or your establishment) will need deep - O.K. very deep pockets.

    Otherwise it is back to good old You Tube.
    I found this a while back which I dip into now and then
    The pace is reasonable and they cover a range of products

    Have a look at the Photoshop for beginners one to get a flavour

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