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ADHD pupil: A bit of a problem on Thursdays!

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by suzette, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. suzette

    suzette Occasional commenter

    Hi, I'm fairly new to the school I'm in and working 1:1 with a pupil with ADHD. I have had a vast amount of experience working with pupils with ADHD and SEN in the past and even though I say so myself I am doing a good job working with this current pupil and we have formed a really good working relationship together and she is coming on in leaps and bounds in class. (The Head Teacher and other staff have also commented positively).
    The trouble is that there is a particular teacher that does PPA for my teacher on Thursday afternoons who is often calling me out of my lunchbreak to deal with this pupils' behaviour. Generally this pupil has been responding well to the things that I have introduced with regards to behaviour and structure and I have passed this information onto my teacher and this teacher who covers the PPA. I have even given the teacher work/things/tips and things the teacher can do if her attention is straying and she needs a 'brain break' from the work set.
    I have been told that generally this teacher has difficulty teaching our class when she covers because of behaviour issues. I think my 1:1 pupil is just 'Jumping on the bandwagon' and behaving the same as others in the class, but whilst most pupils know when to stop, she doesn't and it tips into extreme behaviour issues such as swearing, throwing things and pushing other pupils. I might add that this pupil has very rarely displayed this sort of behaviour in my prescence and when she has, I have dealt with it immediately and promptly and consequences given.
    I can't change my lunchbreak to be in the class whilst this teacher is teaching as the Head has set my break. But I'm begining to get a bit anoyed that I am missing at least 20-30mins of my lunchbreak, as I only get 40mins break in total.
    I've considered 'going out' at lunch just so that I can't be contacted, but I resent having to do this just to get a reasonable break with no interuptions.
    What should I do to help this teacher, the pupil and myself to sort this problem out?
    I feel guilty when incidents happen as I feel that I should be there to sort it out but I'm not sure what else to do.

  2. I am sorry that you are being bothered like this. I would speak to your line manager and expalin the circumstances.
  3. I want to advise you to tell them to get lost and come back after your lunch, but I do the same as you. It's a hard life.
  4. I would go out everyday for a week or so. They should not be asking you or you should at least be getting another break to make up for it.
  5. Hi Suzette,
    I can understand how irritating this can be when you are the only one to rely upon in situations like this.
    It seems that the 1:1 teaching is working perfectly and that you are doing an excellent job here. However, your colleague does not have the benefit of your expertise and here is the source of the problem.
    I think it's fair to say that the teacher who does the PPA should either be trained to deal with this type of situation or be replaced by someone properly trained and who doesn't need the assistance that is currently required and therefore passing on the consequences of her professional short-comings to other members of staff.
    I hope this doesn't sound to harsh, but this is my perspective on this plight.
    There is a useful guide that youmight refer her to at: http://www.cchr-london.org/adhd-attention-deficit-hyperactivity-disorder/
    Please let me know how it goes in the New Year.

    Best regards


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