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Adek Approval 2020 Abu Dhabi

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by miaht2, Jul 3, 2020.

  1. miaht2

    miaht2 New commenter


    Is anybody waiting for ADEK approval for a teaching role in August 2020?
  2. Mitochondria1

    Mitochondria1 Occasional commenter

    I was waiting, but it's ok now. What do you want to know?
  3. miaht2

    miaht2 New commenter

    Well mine got rejected, so the school have submitted it second time round..don't know how normal that is? And the chance of it being approved second time round.
  4. Mitochondria1

    Mitochondria1 Occasional commenter

    Define 'rejected' and what was the reason? Sometimes ADEK will ask for more information and send it back to the school (i.e. letter of experience, or something else) before being resubmitted; mine went backwards and forwards 3-4 times.
    It all depends to a degree on who's desk your application lands on. Take a deep breath and play the game.

    Now if it was rejected because of qualification issues...that's a different story.
  5. miaht2

    miaht2 New commenter

    Email stated: PASS-ADEK Online - Rejected. School said they did know the reason why and HR unable to add anything further.

    Got past school and principal approval. Was rejected on ADEK approval stage. Never got sent back to me at all for any changes.

    I am going for a secondary subject role. My PGCE is in the subject of the job role and my Degree is related, but not exactly the same as the subject.

    Have spoke to current HOD at school and he has said only half the department, have a degree matching the subject. I am aware Abu Dhabi are strict on this, but at the same time have been told its been recently relaxed.
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2020
  6. miaht2

    miaht2 New commenter

    Should read "school said they did not know"..
  7. adrixargentina

    adrixargentina Occasional commenter

    Have you tried Dubai? Is it any more relaxed?
  8. miaht2

    miaht2 New commenter

    I have worked in Dubai for 5 years. It is more relaxed. Then came back to the UK for 1 year.

    So my new job in Abu Dhabi, the school have allowed me to submit the application a second time. The job is subject to this going through and its on the ADEK approval stage now.
    adrixargentina likes this.
  9. Mitochondria1

    Mitochondria1 Occasional commenter

    Your ADEK liaison officer should be able to call them and ask why. Did you leave Dubai in good circumstances? I presume your nationality is British?
  10. miaht2

    miaht2 New commenter

    Yes I left Dubai in good circumstances and am British.

    I have been in touch with the ADEK liaison officer by email - he has just told me to submit the form again.
  11. Mitochondria1

    Mitochondria1 Occasional commenter

    Meh, he could have found out the issue...
    Not much you can do other than to hope and wait. I'd be having a backup option in place though...

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