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ADEC Abu Dhabi jobs

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by catflan, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Hi all,
    I'm going for an interview for the ADEC teaching posts in a few weeks and just keen to know what other people's experiences have been either working with this provider or generally in local schools. The thing which strikes me is that the pay is significantly higher than in an international school in Abu Dhabi. I could probably put away an extra 500 pounds a month with this than in a normal school. Are the monetary benefits worth it? I'm single, young and female. I'm pretty horrified that I might get posted out of Abu Dhabi city if I'm honest and daring myself to take the risk - I've been told about 70% of the schools are in the city. Any advice/tips/warnings would be really gratefully received. Thanks!
  2. Is your interview in Dublin? I have one on Tuesday 27th.
  3. forest1234

    forest1234 New commenter

    The money is better than the international schools but there is a significant downside with placement. you will not know where you are placed until in country. also being single you are possibly more likely to be in a remote location as families they are more likely to place in the city. But you never know on location so equally you may be in the city but it is a very large place and driving will be a big part of your life.
  4. Trying to find information on ADEC Abu Dhabi is near to impossible! I searched high and low for some sort of feedback from someone who is out there or has worked for the scheme but my search was hopeless.
    I was initially quite interested in the post, but the uncertainty of destination put me off, too much of a gamble.
    Good luck for the interview:)
  5. Thisismytruth

    Thisismytruth New commenter

    The main reason for the higher pay is that these are not easy jobs. Working in the state sector where Arabic is the dominant language of communication is not easy. For many, the feeling of being an outsider is one that never really goes away and that is why some teachers leave mid-contract.
    Those who come to work here do so as primary teachers and English specialists in Grades 10-12. Primary teachers are meant to team teach alongside an Arabic speaker but often find themselves taking on the bulk of the planning and delivery. Things have improved in many places under the New School Model. Where it's good, it's tolerable, sometimes rewarding; where it's bad, it can be incredibly stressful.
    English teachers in Grades 10-12 also have it hard. They are expected to teach a first language curriculum to a largely EFL body of students. The gap between what is expected of the students and the reality of their ability in English is alarming.

    Hope this is of some help. PM me with any specific questions.
  6. Their main recruiter have a facebook page Teach Away Inc, which has a lot of chat in the discussion sections with epople going asking questions and some people there answering.
  7. Thisismytruth

    Thisismytruth New commenter

    Yes, that recruiter has a Facebook page, one that can easily be accessed and monitored by a potential employer. You might not always get the full picture too.
  8. The reality.
    1. Generally, good hours to work, except cycle 3, most schools finish around 1pm, and generally, when you finish, and no lessons, you can go before the end of the school day.
    2. Be prepared for students and parents to hound you towards the end of each trimester to improve their marks.
    3. As a teacher, you simply should not be arrogant and not turn up to school meetings and functions as has been the case. MANY MANY licensed teachers are very arrogant and look down upn the 'bedouins' they teach and think everyone is below them if they are not American/Brit/Aussie etc...
    4. If you try to learn some Arabic to converse outside the classroom with staff and students in the playground, that will go a long to show you are adapting to them.
    5. Women teachers should wear an abaya even if they may not be required to do so. Many ill informed people say this is disprectful to the locals when it is the opposite as they will respect that you are trying to show modesty, an integral part of the faith/culture here.
    6. Your approach is key, teach with passion, it will come through despite the barriers. The first few months will be the most challenging but after that, things should get easier but be prepared for many timetable changes and new students/classes
    7. Unfortunately, many licensed teachers end up needing support too and are then an embarassment for their subject area. Always show you are willing to learn from students.
    Just some of the reasons why LTs are paid as they do face many more challenges. If this puts you off, don't apply, if it intrigues you, you should apply and may eventually thrive.
    Don\t make the mistake by saying "these guys will never learn" and so just here for the money. This is not fair on the pupils and not for the guys paying your salary.
    The above is from somebody who has been involved in this project for the last 4 years so I KNOW what I'm talking about. Hope somebody out there finds it helpful
  9. Thisismytruth

    Thisismytruth New commenter

    Nail smacked squarely on the head.
  10. Thanks Mathematist. Response here greatly appreciated. I have worked in Ugandan village schools with more than 100 pupils in a class and no English so I'm not one to give up on the kids. That's part of the big attraction here really though I am quite nervous about being a single, young female potentially placed in a remote location. While I enjoyed it when I was in Africa, I knew that being plonked in a village with little connection to the things I like doing (mainly sports) would be a challenge longer term.
    During the week days I have no issue with being somewhere a bit quieter but at weekends I'd like to be able to escape and see Abu Dhabi/Dubai etc.
    I know Al Ain is meant to be lovely and therefore it's really the Al Gharbia region which seems off track. Are there a large number of schools there? Do teachers have much to do if they're posted there?

    Thanks for the honest advice.

  11. Hey. Yes mine is in Dublin though I'm coming from France! It's on Monday 26th so I'll miss you. How are you feeling about it?! Good luck!
  12. Thanks a lot for this response. So have you taught with ADEC before?
  13. I'm not too concerned about the interview itself, just trying to get together all the paperwork -
    I have to get qualifications authenticated in both Australia and the UK, plus I don't know exactly what they want by way of teaching certificate. The QTS certificate doesn't appear on the list for legalisation by the CFO so do I get my PGDE notarised and legalised??? Then trying to get a CRC - I called them and got told that the CRB won't issue a CRC to people going to overseas jobs - so anyone with any advice on these questions would be nice...

  14. To be honest, I'm not worrying too much about the CRB. I am in France this year and same situation, a CRB won't be issued. A FRench police check will take months so I will take last years CRB and explain. It does say 'if possible' next to that requirement.
  15. I don't have a CRB at the moment - but hopefully I will have one soon that I am getting for my volunteer role at the Olympics, so fingers crossed that will suffice as I don't have anything else, I've been at my current school for over two years and I never got the CRB, the school did and everything else is way too old... The Olympic one is still with the Police... could be another six weeks before I get it....
    Found out from Katie that I only need to get the PGDE authenticated/legalised - but that was after I had already been to the notary public so I'm getting both the QTS certificate and the PGDE notarised and bound as one document so I should only have to pay for one document at both FCO and UAE Embassy. Still waiting for advice on my Australian docs though... everything else is sorted though, train booked to airport, flights booked to Dublin, hotel booked, leave approved from school and the paperwork is on its way... fingers crossed it all comes together with a job offer at the end of it all... (Good luck to you)
  16. Thisismytruth

    Thisismytruth New commenter

    Anyone who applies for these jobs is likely to get employed. In the first three years of the LT programme, the requirements have been, 'Is s/he warm? Is his/her 1st Language English?' If the answer to both was yes, or even probably, you got a job. They have tightened things up since but not sufficiently.
    What exacerbates the situation is the fact that you have to teach Queensland's curriculum, one that is heavily dependent upon students having first language capability, to a student body that is predominantly EFL - the gap between what is expected and what is possible is the Marianas Trench of education. Seriously, be prepared for students who are constantly pitted against what for the majority are insurmountable odds. What these students need is a differentiated set of curricula, ones that meet needs that range from beginner to Advanced.
    If you want copies of the curriculum, please PM me with an address and I will forward it.
  17. Thanks for that, I'll PM you my email address, I'd love to see the Curriculum... Qld, excellent - that is where I was originally trained and I taught English to Secondary School under that curriculum- trust me, some of them might have been native speakers but could barely write their own names...
  18. Thisismytruth

    Thisismytruth New commenter

    Biut you could probably have a conversation or they could read words like cat or dog.
  19. hahahaha maybe...

  20. I have been over before but not with ADEC. Very excited to go back. The lifestyle is so lovely....you will all love it there it is great! http://www.abu-dhabi-expert.com is very helpful!

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