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addition display board

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by Teacher1212, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. Does anyone have any ideas for an addition board I could do for a year 1 class. We will be focusing on addition in September so I though I would prepare the board in the summer ready. Thanks

  2. Make several sets of 0-9 cards and a + and - card. Use plastic CD wallets pinned the the display board to create calculations to display using the number cards. Using the wallets you can store the other number cards and it makes the display interactive. It also means you can change the calculation every day - had a display like this is my Yr 2 class a few years ago. I sometimes put up a calculation where the answer was wrong (on purpose of course!) and the children coeercted me - I made them then explain why I was wrong. You could have a class bear/ teddy that creates a calculation of the day and the children have to say if he/she is right or wrong explaining why.
    I hope this makes sense! [​IMG]
  3. I like the idea of interactive displays. Think I might be able to adapt your idea Daisy Chain for number recognition, ordering, one more, one less for Reception.

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