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Added resources: SpyMaths

Discussion in 'Primary' started by mrsNibbles, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. mrsNibbles

    mrsNibbles New commenter

    This last term (in the end for about three weeks) I wrote and created my own context based maths lessons for my year 5/6 class. It begins with a ideo of Dr Evil (my long suffering teenage son all dressed up) breaking into a powerpoint to tell the class that only THEY can save the world.
    From that point on they are secret agents for MI5 1/2 and have various missions (ordering decimals to create a Most Wanted list, kitting out the spies, creating a graph of the diamond mine production, working out the coordinates of the henchmen etc).
    The lessons finish with them defeating Dr Evil and theres a final video of him cursing (not literally) the pesky kids as his base falls apart around him.
    Hope someone will find it useful as my class loved it (and I loved teaching it --despite HATING maths!)
    Please rate it if you like it!
  2. Thanks for this! I've used my own teenage children on video to kickstart projects, and it always works brilliantly. I must dig out and share some of them, having been so inspired by your offering. I've already planned your spy maths in as a starter maths activity for my whole KS2 class next year (18 Y3 to Y6) - it will be brilliant at setting the scene for the collaborative maths that I want at the centre of their experience.

  3. WOW!! What a fab idea!! Well done to your son for begin brave and you for all your hard work and generosity in sharing!! It's not often I wish I taught the older ones but this made me think "How fun would this be!" Now trying to think how I could do something similar for my Year Twos next year! Fantastic resource!
  4. mrsNibbles

    mrsNibbles New commenter

    Thanks guys, glad its been inspiring!
  5. All I can say is 'Wow'. Thanks so much for sharing!
  6. Hi
    Fantastic resource and cannot wait to start on it tomorrow.
    I am not, however, able to find the MO sheet, Travel info, Map coordinates and answer sheet as listed on Tuesday, 2nd week.
    Are you able to email to me? julieb.myers@hotmail.co.uk
    Many thanks.
    Julie Myers
  7. Thanks for the fantastic resource.
    Could you please email me the timetable sheets for week2 as I cannot find them.
  8. Mrs Nibbles it sounds great, I think it will have to keep til next term as we have a ridiculously busy next few weeks!!! However, just wanted to say what a fab idea and very inspirational (am awaiting my teenage son's arrival home from 6th Form, boy is he going to be happy you inspired me!!!)
    A huge thank, and well done!!!!!!!!!! ((((((((((((((((())))))))))))))))))))
  9. brill, my class will love it, if you do have the missing resources could you send them so I have a complete set, otherwise I'll create my own but they won't match your standard!

    Thanks again
  10. Hi am just about to start Spy Maths with my classand was wondering if you ever got the missing info and whether you would be willing to forward it?
  11. Fantastic resource THANK YOU so much for all your hard work it is inspiring! Any chance that you could forward me the missing info so that your pack is complete?
    Thanks again
  12. mrsNibbles

    mrsNibbles New commenter

    Sorry all, my laptop died a while ago and I lost all the files! Glad it's being useful though!
  13. Hi,

    I love this resource! Woud you be able to send me the missing resources please.


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