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Adaptation of Much Ado

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by SusiewoosieX, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. Hello people,
    I am looking for a short version of Much Ado About Nothing in the style of the animated Shakespeare shorts. I know it exists as my school did it as part of the SSF many moons ago but I never got a copy. A lovely year 10 wants to do a version and I have blithely said that I have it, but I don't!
    If anyone has a copy that they are willing to send me, I would be made up...
    Anyway, here's hoping!
  2. isnt it still downloadable from the Shakespeare Schools Site?

  3. Probably... but I have long since lost my user name. My new school doesn't do SSF and I don't know anyone else that does.
    I can't believe I've not got a copy! I remember working on the lighting and sound with my collegue so I must have had one once... Grr!
  4. i might have a copy saved on my computer- email me on
    darrenactor@mac.com and I will see if i can send you it....
  5. i think its also possible to buy the animated shakespeare scripts- try amazon- but as i said i might have downloaded all the scripts from shakespeare schools (in a previous life) so may be able to send you a copy--
  6. actually doesnt look like animated did Much Ado- there is abook in a series on Amazon called
    30 minute shakespeare-Much Ado by Nick Newlin which has a script- not sure its the same as the SSF scripts....
  7. Okey dokey- actually I don't have a copy of the script on my computer (for SSF) but I DO have a hard copy so if ya still desperate send me a school address and I will post it to you- you could copy and return....
  8. Was there ever a time when SSF was free? Whilst its a great experience the upfront cost is quite high and whatever the subsidy SSF covers some schools could be put off participating, especially in these difficult times. Since when was Shakespeare a copyright issue? The versions used in SSF are cut versions of the originals- and sometimes badly cut versions/ sometimes excellent. it seems churlish to exact permissions.
  9. The text (words) isn't / can't be copyright.
    However, the format that the edited version is published in - hard copy or electronically - can be copyrighted. The font / typeface / layout. Naturally, any original support notes are copyright in themselves.
    Therefore, to photocopy the edited script, or to forward an electronic copy, is breach of copyright.
    If you had a hard copy in front of you and re-typed it yourself, that would be okay.
    Or, with the hard copy SSF script next to you, you could download an online version of the full script (from hundreds of legit sources) and edit it to become exactly the same as the SSF one.
  10. Thanks for the legal nicieties which you have made very clear.....and I appreciate that.....Your site and resources are excellent.
    However,its Shakespeare for goodness sake. Enough said.
  11. Hope you aren't confusing my site as having anything to do with SSF, or that I actually agree with the niceties - I was just explaining following your / someone's querying the copyright issue.
  12. BTW - here's a link to a 15 min MAAN

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