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Discussion in 'Primary' started by angelatreneman, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. Hi All, I have read a few fantastic threads on here, such as 'Ideas to do with your new class' and 'Things to buy over the Summer'. I am a NQT and would LOVE to make a list of ideas for activities to do with my new Year 1/2 class and which Themes you linked them with. Please could you share any ideas that you have done in which the children have been enthusiastic and fully engaged? I'll start off the sharing: I would like to recommend making rockets (I did this with yr 3/4) during a Science theme. Made them out of large, plastic milk bottles and loo rolls. Children fixed a paper cone on to the loo roll and paper card for fins and then decorated them. We launched them outside by sitting them on top of the launcher (empty milk bottle). They had made a measuring device in maths which rested up against the side of the school building, children recorded the results. Each child had two formal attempts to get their rocket to go the highest and then we had a 'free' practice time. EVERY child enjoyed doing this activity - it was a chance for lots of speaking and listening, maths, D & T, ICT (researched facts about space rockets) and Art. Time allowing, this could have been taken in to Literacy as well. The only organisation needed, is to ask each child to bring in a loo roll and plastic milk bottle. ENJOY! Thanks in advance for sharing ideas.
  2. whizzbangbang

    whizzbangbang New commenter


    Try teacheractivities.co.uk - it has a compendium of over 200 lesson activities that can be tweaked for any lesson. Hope this helps.

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