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Activity ideas- dinosaurs

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Jamie8, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. Jamie8

    Jamie8 New commenter

    Any ideas as to what inspring activites we could do outdoor, sand,water, games etc related to dinosaurs.

    Many thanks
  2. Jamie8

    Jamie8 New commenter

    Any ideas as to what inspring activites we could do outdoor, sand,water, games etc related to dinosaurs.

    Many thanks
  3. Being a geologist, digging for dinos in the sand box maybe? Or hide them in school garden and go looking.
  4. Green swamp jelly!
  5. We are doing this topic after christmas. For our role play we are going to be explorers and have a tent with back packs, binoculars, make maps of where to go and then go searching for dinosaurs. We are making paper mache eggs.
    Dinosaurs in mud/swamp area. Having CVC words on bones that children have to make using pebbles with letters on. Searching in sand using a paintbrush to find hidden things.
    Haven't had our team meeting yet so may have more ideas next week.
  6. Hi!
    Have done Dinosaur topic with Reception for the past 3 years and children loved it! We made our role play area into a dinosaur land with a cave in corner (hung sheet from ceiling), hung crepe paper from ceiling, added rucksack, binoculars, notepad, lunchbox, rucksack etc for geologist and extended role play to outside, providing different pieces of material so the children could make dens. Chn can take geologist stuff outside to continue role play. Gave spades etc so children could dig outside for pretend bones/fossils etc. We made dinosaur masks for role play.
    Build dinosaur dens from natural materials
    Go on dinosaur hunt around the outdoor area - based on bear hunt
    Chalking tracks outside
    Have put different stuff in builders trays/sand tray including sticks, twigs, leaves, pebbles, fir cones; bark; soil or compost
    Coloured water, gloop,cooked coloured pasta, porridge oats soaked in water
    Get chn to draw dinosaur backgrounds on strips of paper and stick around sand tray
    Put pebbles and rocks(plastic?) in water tray
    Write letter from a dinosaur to children and children can write back asking questions to find out about dinosaurs and life millions of years ago.
    Wanted posters of dinosaurs.
    Make maps, timelines
    Clay teeth and fossils.
    Dinosaur eggs - we screw up newspaper into a ball and papier mache it
    Dinosaur skeletons
    Read lots of dinosuar stories and make storyboxes of favourite story - took a few days but children loved it.
    Storysack for Harry and Bucketful of Dinosaurs
    Make dinosaurs from junk materials
    Design a dinosaur, taking best features from dinosaurs you've looked at.
    Dinosaur music - chn use instruments to make sounds of dinosaurs.

    Hope this is of some help - more activities will probably come to me at some point. :)
  7. we've done this topic and childnre really enjoy it, especailly boys. Fossils is a great way in, and the sand tray is great. we went digging lots and even found a leaf fossil in the playground (well the imprint of a leaf in concrete!)

    we (the adults) made fossils from card and sand and buried them for childnre to dig nad dust liek archaeologists. the children then had a go too.

    The Grant Museum at UCL organsied a palaentologist to come and work with small groups which was fab too
  8. You could attach coins to bone cards and then hide them in porridge oats. Then find them with a hand-held metal detectors.

    I just finished a beebot jacket maker. The children could use this to dress your Beebots as dinosaurs and let them go harumphing around the jungle?!
    very best


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