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Activities for a 9 month old over the summer

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by MLT, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. MLT


    Have just remembered that all the baby clubs, my LO goes to will be closed over the summer. We are not going on holiday (LO is a really bad sleeper, so the stress would be to much), and yes we will spend time in the park.... but what else?
    Any ideas/suggestions?
  2. Seaside, children's farms, nature reserves, gardens, going to other people's houses to play with their toys! Libraries, toy libraries, soft play, swimming, loooooong walks.
    More please!
  3. Get in touch with friends from baby groups and meet up - either at each others houses or out.
    It is quite a difficult age as a lot of the fun stuff is slightly out of reach until they can walk. Everything may also be a little busy as well- our soft play is a bit of a hazard when it is busy
    Messy play in the paddling pool... add in shaving foam, shredded paper, cornflour or something and let child play
    Get a sling and walk to a pub garden.

  4. Try your sure start centre. Some of them have pre-school groups running where they are happy to include ages from 0-5 years. We're going to one every Tuesday at ours over the summer. Our breastfeeding group is still on too, lo is 16 months now but we still go whenever I'm on holiday (it's a chance to coo over smaller babies while lo plays with the toys and eats biscuits).
    We'll be spending a lot of time visiting friends and family for an afternoon (or maybe even a full day). Swimming and soft play are fun but are best if you have friends to go with (I get bored just being there with lo). Do you have any friends from the baby groups who will be looking for similar ways to fill the endless 6 weeks? I'm actually already wondering how on earth we'll fit in everything we want to do.
  5. National Trust places normally have some good stuff on, often for older kids but always nice for a wander and a picnic and dirt cheap if you are a member.
    I live in the South West and go to a music club called 'Jolly babies'. They are actually putting more classes on over the summer than they would usually have, I think they've spotted a gap in the market to offer extra sessions when everything is off. I think if you google 'Music with Mummy' then that's the name of the franchise, there may be some classes near you.
    I think a lot of libraries offer 'Baby bounce' type things too, altho I've never been. I'm also planning on checking out the local toy libraries, which is something I haven't yet got round to.
    If the weather is decent (I live in hope!) I'm hoping to do some proper messy play with jelly, beans etc in the garden. We'll see how that goes!

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