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Active Learning in a (largely writing about planning in a ) science lesson-any ideas?

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by Minty_dinosaur, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. Hello!

    I'm on my second placement, and I've just had my first formal observation. What my teacher would like me to do next time, and suggested on my paperwork, is more 'active learning' (practical activities) for my lessons. In particular, she would like ones that build dexterity or get the children to do practical tasks.

    However, the next lesson I'm teaching is Science. There is a lot of writing about an experiment that the children will only plan (and I will end up demonstrating), but it needs to be done, so children can do future experiments with more independence. I would love to do something active with them, particularly as a starter, but am at a loss to think of something to add.

    The class is year 4, and they are studying about thermal insulators keeping things cold.

    If anyone can help me plan such a lesson by suggesting a few ideas, I would be ever so grateful. Your eternal reward will be my respect and karma.

    Thank you,

    Minty :)
  2. Hi,
    Not sure how much help I can be but I got similar feedback from my placement, and was also in Year 4 and taught thermal insulators. I can't think of anything active, other than doing the experiment, but you could perhaps have a quiz for a starter, or play a game (there are some good ones on education city), something to get them talking even if they aren't actually doing. I also used a concept cartoon with 3 children and a snowman, and they were discussing what would happen if they put the coat on the snowman; it got the children talking and revealed their misconceptions. I was also told to give the children much more freedom in talking about and planning the experiment. I can send you the quiz or concept cartoon I used if you give me your email address. Hope that was some help! Claire
  3. Thank you! That was really helpful, and thankfully my school has a copy of the Concept Cartoons in the staffroom, so I think I will use that.

    If you could please send me a copy of the quiz you used, then that would be very useful too.

    Monty x

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