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Activate science?? Any thoughts

Discussion in 'Science' started by Gunit24, Nov 18, 2015.

  1. Gunit24

    Gunit24 New commenter

    I am thinking about the best spec for KS3 science, at the moment we use Activate but I wanted to see what the general views are on it. Are there any better alternatives?
  2. sriley1988

    sriley1988 New commenter

    We use activate at our school. Like all bought-in schemes of work. it has its ups and downs. Quite a lot of practicals need re-writing as they aren't great, but the online system is really good and the work is of a really good standard, especially tests. I found the powerpoints they provided to be a bit rubbish as they often missed stuff out which was in the assessments or broader scheme. Year 9 activate is trash, don't bother with it. Y7 and Y8 is really good but we did say in retrospect (year and a bit on) that maybe we'd have been better off paying staff members to make a more bespoke scheme in house rather than spend thousands on a bought-in scheme that you then have to edit.

    Saying that I really rate the online facilities that Activate has.
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  3. Gunit24

    Gunit24 New commenter

    Sriley1988 thank you for your opinions in regards to activate and yes I do agree with your views. Thanks again:)
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  4. sriley1988

    sriley1988 New commenter

    Glad I could help, anytime :)

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