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Activ studio

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by mmm...Milk, May 14, 2011.

  1. mmm...Milk

    mmm...Milk New commenter

    I am hoping all you ICT experts here can help me. I am preparing a lesson in power point, which I know can be converted to an Activ Studio program if I am using a promethean board.
    1. Will anything in Flash still work?i have a board works slide with quiz I want to use, and I don't know if it will still work if I convert to Activ studion.
    2. Will a link to a movie file still work in activ studio? the link for the clip should be on the same usb stick as the rest of the presentation and will work in Power point.
    3. Does a smart board (rather than promethean) still work the same with power point - you can write on it?
    THank you from a slightly lost D&T Teacher.
  2. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    In APrimary (and I have no reason to think AStudio is any different) conversion of a powerpoint merely takes a snapshot of the slide and inserts it onto a flipchart page as an image. Links etc would have to be remade. Flash files will play if they are loaded as an Activity.
    With a Smartboard you can annotate on top of pretty much anything (as you can in AS), don't know anyhting about Boardworks.
    You might be better off leaving your PPT in its current format. If you package it for use you won't even need PPT loaded on the machine you use.
  3. mmm...Milk

    mmm...Milk New commenter

    ???? Sorry, lost me on that one.
    Thanks for your reply though Becktonboy, I will leave it in ppt.

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