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Action plan for History

Discussion in 'Primary' started by tmtm, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. I have been told by headteacher that I need to write an action plan for History asap. I am not sure where to start at the moment.
    I would appreciate any help and advise on this. Does anyone have any sample action plan they have written that they could share? Or could you let me know of any good websites that could help me with this.
    Many thanks

  2. tafkam

    tafkam Occasional commenter

    If you don't already have an action plan, and have no idea what needs doing in your school for history, then suggest that the first key points on your action plan need to be:
    1. To check NC coverage across your school, including progression of skills, and relative strengths and weaknesses
    2. To identify what assessments are in place for history, and where these are needed or improvements are needed
    3. To audit resources, and identify needs for future purchase.

    Once you've achieved those things, you'll have a much clearer idea of what needs to be done for the future.
  3. Thank you for that.

    Are there any good websites that can help with this task or how to do an audit?
  4. GARDEN24

    GARDEN24 New commenter

    We had a staff meeting where all subjects were discussed - what we did well, how we assess and what we could do to improve, ideas, resources we needed etc. As a result all subjects have had a common input and we know where each of the co-ordinators are going in relation to actions/School improvment.

  5. Thank you for replying to my post. I appreciate it.
    Does anyone have a sample action plan I could have a look at or know where one could be found on the internet?
  6. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

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