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Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by Laura2288, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. I feel completely deflated. I've done 3 days of supply for a school independently, 2 of those days were in year 6. I had a phone call this morning saying there was an issue and could I think of what it was? No, I couldn't. I thought the class were good, I enjoyed the 2 days with them. Apparently, one of the children is accusing me of telling him/her to shut up and saying 'oi you' instead of using their name. I just cannot believe it. I use the phrase 'be quiet' to the whole class, or just a general 'shhh' but never shut up and with children's names, when I speak to them, if I don't know their name I ask them before they speak. The parent of the child has complained. I just feel completely down, this isn't the sort of teacher I am and I never realised what a vulnerable position you are put in as a supply teacher. I've requested that I don't teach that class again.
    I didn't do anything wrong but yet I feel awful. Has anyone else been in this position?
  2. As this is the tail end of anti- bullying week, it might be worthwhile to step back and consider how supply teachers have increasingly become a target for bullying.
    Agencies,teaching assistants, tin pot dictator heads, the daily mail, parents and even the kids-all keen to stick the boot in- it's becoming less and less worthwhile.
    As we contemplate our shrunken payslip we dont need the agency call, " The school has a concern"...
    No wonder we're queuing for marathons at asda
  3. If you are a victim of an allegation which can be totally false, malicious or vexatious then do the following:
    • Ask them in writing (get CAB solicitor's help) to substantiate and provide evidence for the allegation
    • Get the accusers to provided documentary evidence for the allegation
    • Do not be intimidated. The evidence must be provided i.e. date, time, class, room, waht was actually said, witnesses etc etc
  4. As human beings and employees we too have rights and must use all channels available to us.
    Just because we are all depressed...we should fight back even more strongly AND STAND UP TO BULLYING FROM ALL QUARTERS!
    Say no to malicious scapegoating and bullying.
    We can all use the law to stop the sheer hypocrisy, employment injustice, malicious allegations, vexatious allegations, time wasting allegations etc etc etc !

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