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Accounting AS and A2

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by mr business, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. mr business

    mr business New commenter

    What's it like teaching AQA Accounting at AS and A", never taught before and just wondering other teachers opinions??

  2. revisionstation

    revisionstation New commenter

    It would help if you had the Cox and Farndon book, lots of activities at end of chapter and buying the books gets you the answer CD free. I follow the book closely then students can do homework from end of chapter to recap as well as past papers. Very simple in terms of resources. Students enjoy getting it right.
    Many lessons follow the format of creating a very simple guide to say control accounts - what should go where. Then end of chapter activities to check learning. They create their own "blanks" for example a cash book, but the the answer CD has blanks on it too.
    Once they have done a few examples then press on with a past paper and go through answers on the board. Nice straightforward stuff. No video clips / articles / role plays / discussions etc Just good olf fashioned pen and paper work.
    We have a good uptake at my centre and get good results using that system. Kids enjoy the lesson and the time goes fast.
    Hope that helps
    Sarah Hilton

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