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Accounting A-level

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by tahutt81, Nov 9, 2011.

  1. tahutt81

    tahutt81 New commenter

    I've been teaching AQA accounting for the past 4 years and also examine unit 1 and 2 papers. The best book to buy is the Ian Harrison books, they do one for AS and on for A2. These cover all aspects of the syllabus and have plenty of practice questions in. Don't buy the teacher resource though as it is not worth the money.
    I have ended up producing a lot of my own resources so if you get stuck for anything give me a shout. Another useful website which has some stuff on which you can then adapt is the following: http://wps.prenhall.com/ema_uk_he_wood_busacct_9/2/555/142145.cw/index.html
    You have to sift through it but there are some good multiple choice questions and tasks for students to complete.
  2. If you can, make life interesting by using spreadsheets to work on some problems: they learn accounting and spreadsheeting that way. If you do this properly it helps them to plan, organise and check their work. Smart pupils could even help you by finding spreadsheet tricks and shortcuts too!

    There are lots of real accounting stories in the press and magazines: use them as the basis for practical lessons and debates etc.

    Students LOVE to learn about accounting scandals like Madoff, Enron, Ahold ... The fairly recent Indian accounting scandal, Satyam. There's a new film on the Madoff scandal too that's worth watching with GOOD pupils.

    Read annual reports and accounts! Especially the accounting policies in the notes to the accounts as there are lots of real and interesting things in there!

  3. Just by coincidence, I have prepared an Excel spreadsheet to prepare a Debtors' ageing schedule. Take a look at my Excel Blog to see if it's of any interest to you: it might not be!


    What the spreadsheet does is to present an ageing schedule in several different ways:

    using functions and formulae
    using conditional formatting
    using a Pivot Table
    using Excel Tables

    There is an element of spreadsheet geekery in aspects of this work book so for an accounting class, you would probably just want to use only the functions and formulae option. If you are running an ICT or even a combined accounting/ICT class then the other options will also be of interest to you.

    In any case, this workbook does two things:

    it allows pupils to consider a real ageing schedule albeit with a simplified example and to change the payment boundaries: for example, invoices owing between 1 and 30 days then 31 and 60 days ... you can change it to 1 - 25 days then 26 - 50 days ... and any range of days you like. This will help you to explore the credit control strategy and so on. It leads in to cash forecasting and budgeting too.

    As with many things that I post here, this is aimed at good accounting students and/or good ICT students. Slow students will need to spend too much time using it even though it has been designed and implemented in largely a fool proof way.

    All comments and criticisms gratefully accepted as they will help you and I to improve things and if you want a copy of the spreadsheet please write to me at duncanwil_at_gmail_com ... don't rely on leaving a message here because I don't come here that often these days. And don't forget to tell me why you are writing to me ... keep it simple, write me an essay ... !!


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