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According to the news on tes it's the teachers fault

Discussion in 'Education news' started by oldsomeman, Dec 10, 2015.

  1. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    Seems we teachers are to idealistic and dreamers and so can never succeed.
    Sorry on iPad in Germany so can't get link for moment .
  2. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    Sorry I apologise I can't find the item now please ignore
  3. vannie

    vannie Star commenter

  4. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    Thank you on this I pad I seem to lose the thread
    Thank you
  5. Benbamboo

    Benbamboo Occasional commenter

    So a former HMI and primary sector specialist advisor to Ofsted makes the following points:

    - There is a workload crisis, driven by "the relentlessness of new initiatives by recent governments; the flood of regulations flowing from the Department for Education; the real or purported demands of the schools' inspectorate Ofsted. Then there’s the tyranny of successive testing, tracking and reporting regimes, plus expectations of ever-improving results from politicians and pressure from headteachers worried about their own security and that of their schools." - glad he addressed that early so he could move on to the teacher bashing. Good job it wasn't anything worth discussing properly and only took 2 paragraphs just to list the issues.

    "For example, they want to do the best by their pupils, but what constitutes “best” and would they ever know if it were achieved?" Really? He doesn't think that people can tell if they have made an impact? Has he never been around when a class is taught an entirely new concept and goes about learning and practicing it? Has he never been with a child who demonstrates an understanding of something he has taught? I am very bloody aware of when I have adapted something for my class and it has worked.

    "They want to help each pupil meet their potential, but what if the notion of “potential” is meaningless and how can anyone know when it has been met?" Wishy washy nonsense, whats his position? We can all ask rhetorical questions, take a position already! Is potential meaningless and should we abandon the concept or not? If it is, what's the point in pushing higher ability children to achieve more? Why not just stop when they've ticked the right boxes?

    "Teachers want their teaching to be never less than good, but what does that mean and can it realistically be achieved in every single lesson?" No, it can't be achieved in every lesson. Teachers are aware of this, perhaps the specialist advisor to Ofsted should alert Ofsted about this.

    "They want to intervene with optimum effect to develop pupils’ knowledge, but with the best will in the world – and even with all the time in the world – can teachers ever truly get close to understanding their pupils’ minds? And even if they could, how would they know their influence had been optimal?" Another pointless rhetorical question with no position, or any attempt at an argument either way, just throwing **** ideas into the air in a poor attempt to point the finger of blame back towards teachers.

    "Inevitably, they feel guilty about their shortcomings when they fail to meet unrealistic aspirations." Amazing, the unrealistic aspirations apparently come from our inner guilt, not any of the pressures listed in the first paragraph I quoted.

    What a ****.
  6. lanokia

    lanokia Star commenter

  7. darklord11

    darklord11 Occasional commenter

    Former HMI and Offballock advisor.........
    So has no idea of what it is like teaching full time in a state school and would probably keel over if they had to.
    There are far too many people in education in overpaid roles that aren't in the classroom, just look at the vacancies on the TES. If the government is serious about saving money and investing in education then they need to SACK all theses blood suckers.
    petenewton and FrankWolley like this.
  8. vannie

    vannie Star commenter

    You're welcome Mr oldsome
  9. Gerard12

    Gerard12 New commenter

    How is the beer?

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