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According to the Daily Mail, teachers are not allowed to have lives outside of work!

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Fiona L, May 21, 2011.

  1. I read this too. FB has a lot to answer for, however, why not make sure your profile is not open to everyone. Surely everyone who teaches knows this?
  2. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    Nothing wrong with teachers letting off steam in their own time and their own way, but posting the pics on a public area of Facebook? Stupid.
  3. jazz2

    jazz2 New commenter

    It made the papers because a fuss was made about it. It wasn't the pictures themselves, but the reaction from parents.
    There's another thread about this somewhere - and as was mentioned on that one, the comments actually seem largely supportive of the teachers.
    Interesting to see the parent who stirred it all up complained that 'children might see them' - but the women are primary-school teachers, so guess who is responsible if the under-13s who go to their school have Facebook accounts?!

  4. Agree there Jazz, good point!
    Yes they should have made sure their privacy settings were at full capacity! I just got annoyed at the angle that was taken, that teachers are only there to teach and are not allowed to do anything outside of work! I know loads of people that have done pole dancing or burlesque workshops on hen dos. Lots of them have very responsible jobs!
    Again, makes me laugh that parents get all up in arms about it as do they not have lives either? Why can't teachers?!
  5. The vast majority of parents at the school, the local paper, and, indeed,
    the majority of posters on the DM site wee behind the teachers
  6. Was about to add that all the comments below that article seemed to be in favour of us dirrrrty teachers. Sounds like the parent could have been someone with an ulterior motive?
  7. bed

    bed New commenter

    Do they they really ?!!
    Or perhaps you mean "were" :¬)

    What a load of nonsense this is!
    It looks like a great night out - silly to put photos on Fbk that's all.

    It'll soon blow over.
    On of the quotes in the piece refers to them as "scum" and demands the return of the previous HT - clearly a parent or two with major issues with the school and unfortunately this played right into their hands.
    I do wish parents like that would just fnkc off and take their kids elsewhere!
  8. Just goes to show how thick some teachers are. No sympathy for such a silly woman.

    cyolba, who hasn't even clicked on the link :)
  9. jacob

    jacob Lead commenter

    Don't be on facebook or anything of the sort. Simples *
  10. Especially that TES site. It's completely daft to post on there.

    cyolba, sausages or bacon for breakfast? :)
  11. "Thick" simply because her FB page is not set to private?
  12. Yes.

    cyolba, waffling on as usual :)
  13. Yes - thick. It's a particular form of thickness but it is thick, nevertheless. And spectacularly unimpressive.
  14. Though nothing to do with teaching as I think anyone who has FB set to anything other than private is rather daft
  15. My FB settings are set to so private my little brother couldn't find me to add me this afternoon!
  16. To be fair, I know numerous clever and sensible people who just don't use FB much and don't realise how the privacy works. I think FB are wrong to have them open as default personally.
    Also you can account for your own settings easily enough but not your friends' and if someone tags you in pictures and their photo albums are set to friends of friends your face could be seen by hundreds.
    I'm sure someone will now say you should only have friends who have private FBs!
  17. Agreed

    But ... a person who is using it to post albums probably knows it well enough to set their privacy
  18. Problem is Facebook is continually updating their protocols.
    I have to continually check my profile is on Friends only and then I am aghast to find its back to standard every couple of months.
    Is someone thick just because they do not know this happens? I pass a memo around my school each time I discover it as not every one understand that this happens.
  19. True, I guess that wouldn't apply if someone else was posting the pictures and tagging them, though.
    Don't get me wrong, I do think people need to think about what they put on FB, in terms of photos and status updates and so on but I do genuinely feel these particular pics were fine, really.
    To be honest I am more shocked at the language and cleavage expose style pics of some young teenage girls but I bet if a teacher 'exposed' this there'd be outrage!

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