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Accommodation for PGCE

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Mackem85, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. Mackem85

    Mackem85 New commenter

    What is everyone doing for accommodation for their PGCE? Are you renting, staying at home with parents, moving into student accommodation?
  2. Mackem85

    Mackem85 New commenter

    What is everyone doing for accommodation for their PGCE? Are you renting, staying at home with parents, moving into student accommodation?
  3. MonsterTeachingIdeas

    MonsterTeachingIdeas New commenter

    I'm going to moving onto student accomdation at Chester. It's not the best but it'll be worth it (it's only for 9 months after all)
  4. Staying at home, it's cheaper for me to drive an hour everyday than to pay rent somewhere plus my parents are happy to help me out if needed :) and it'll be better for placements as well.
  5. I've moved into a flat with my OH. Moved 150 miles away from parents for course, so staying at home wasn't an option, and couldn't bring myself to live in halls again!
  6. Well, I left home at 18 for uni and I graduated in 2006, and been living in London and working since then. Going back to Mum's was definitely not an option - don't want to move back to Belfast. I'm staying in London where I have been for 5 years. Going into student accommodation was also not an option for me - I am 27 and I did halls when I was 18 which was awesome - just not now!

    I'm currently trying to save as much money as i can because the bursary was supposed to pay my rent for the year while studying! Eek!
  7. I'm moving back into my mum and dad's at the end of this month from a flat share then hopefully to London in time for September. Saving madly too uptheranch? Summer should be free-activity-filled fun ;) Yup the thought of halls is too much to take. Perhaps I could stay in Essex but I want to be near uni really. My mind is blown just at the thought of all these moves and saying byebye to the bursary. Darn you Gove et al!
  8. MonsterTeachingIdeas

    MonsterTeachingIdeas New commenter

    uptheranch and nightowl1980...
    Have you checked if your universities do post-grad accomodation? I'm 26 and wouln't be going back if they were putting me with 18 year olds! lol
  9. I've been living in my flat in london for 3 yers now and it's really my home. I don't want to leave it if I can help it. Since i left home at 18 I have only ever lived places for one year - so it's nice to be settled finally.

    And come next year when I have no money to go out and have fun, at least i can come home to somethng that is stable throughout a yer in which I imagine is gonna feel like everything is up in th air!

    Plus... it means I won't have to try to find somewhere when the course is over and you have to leave uni accommodation! The thought of having to get a deposit together and pay a months rent in advance having spent a year with no income and used all my savings for living expenses - scares the bejesus out of me!
  10. My boyfriend and I were going to move in together before I applied, and if I get in to one of my London choices we still will (he's quite well paid and hopefully I will only be wage-less for 1 year). If I get in to Oxford Brookes, my fourth choice, I will move back in with my parents for a bit. It will be tough (I will be 27 in November, and have not lived at home since 18 like Uptheranch), but it is the sensible option.

    Without the bursary I am a bit more worried, but my subject is music so I can always give a few instrumental lessons/utilise my skills in some way if absolutely necessary, although I'd rather be able to concentrate fully on the course as it will be tough!

    I'm saving at the moment (although also learning to drive!), and planning to sell off a few things before I move out, to make some extra cash!
  11. It is best to find out from your university what might be the best option. I am an NQT and moved to do my PGCE but it was a waste of time really as I signed up to a 9 month student contract but was sent away for my 1st placement and could have been given a placement near family or friends if I had wanted to for my 2nd placment and with uni holiday it would have been cheaper to pay to stay in a B & B or cheap hotel for the weeks that I need to actually be there.
    Hope you find something.
  12. Mackem85

    Mackem85 New commenter

    The bursary has made a big difference. Losing that is a big blow, but it just means I need to watch my finances closely.

    Do you have to inform your mortgage lender about the course or anything?
  13. I'm currently doing a PGCE and I decided to go back into halls - found myself some nice private ones where my car is in a secure carpark and the postgrads have their own block. Although the flat is small I'm living with two other guys on a PGCE so we all support each other! It's a really nice situation for the duration of the course so don't rule out halls until you figure out if they have a postgrad option. [​IMG]

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