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Accessing student folders

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by jweb2k, Mar 31, 2011.

  1. Read but not write access, you definitely should have this!!!
  2. Echo comment that that is what VLEs or MLEs are for, with the added advantages that you can look at work, mark it, offer guidance etc wherever you are, home, school, wherever and your hard work is clearly evidenced.
    We use Fronter. When we have had issues with uploading entire websites, we have bought ftp space very cheaply from our good friends at E4Education (0845 257 0224) - well used, much appreciated.
  3. djphillips1408

    djphillips1408 New commenter

    Can only echo sentiments above, take the read access but don't have write access. If I was a kid and knew my ICT teacher had been in my area to assess my work and I knew damn well I had not done the work, then I would be telling my parents that you deleted my work, try and prove me wrong..... You really don't want to go that route.
  4. There's more reasons than just marking to have read access imho, so do get that sorted.

    Regarding user websites - I've gone for the rather unconventional step of getting a VPS and giving pupils access to cPanel and space - it really does teach them how to use a real-world environment more than just FTP (they have this to, +phpMyAdmin) and as each is indvidual to them they can make/break it as much as they like!
  5. Why do you feel you need write access violetriga? I'm interested to hear arguments for it to improve teaching
  6. Copying files, especially between students.
    Fixing problems with files, particularly if the extension gets messed up (they can't see/edit them).
    Deleting content, either dodgy stuff or to help with quotas.
  7. Read and write access is like marking exercise books, surely? Great for continuous assessment, for report writing, for just knowing where they are, particularly if they haven't submitted work for marking. Would you suggest and English teacher shouldn't write in a student's exercise book? And it's about improving learning, surely. As for accusations of deleting work - well don't you have a back-up/restore system?
  8. You bring up some good points there actually - I don't feel writing in books is the best way of commenting on pupils work (I teach History too), and although it's nice to put a personal comment in there from time to time, I prefer to use the class Wall to show where a pupil is, what level they're at and what their last improvement was (this info also goes on the VLE). Pupils seeing each other's comments/grades/levels as well as their own - much more powerful!

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