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Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by Unicorntheatre, Jun 17, 2015.

  1. Unicorntheatre

    Unicorntheatre New commenter

    The Unicorn Theater - the UK's theatre for young audiences - have very exciting new shows coming up in 2015-16 including the following accessible performances:


    Includes visual story and a personal Access Assistant to support your group during your visit

    Breaking the Ice - Fri 18 Sep, 1.15pm (For Nursery - Reception)
    The Snow Child - Thu 3 Dec, 1.15pm (For Reception - Year 2)
    Baddies: the Musical - Fri 20 Nov, 10.30am (For Years 3 - 8)
    Minotaur - Fri 5 Feb, 11am (For Years 3 - 6)
    The Polar Bears Go Up - Thu 28 Apr, 10.30am (For Nursery - Year 1)


    With optional pre-show touch tour and a personal Access Assistant

    Baddies: the Musical - Thu 19 Nov, 7pm (For Years 3 - 8)
    Martyr - Thu 24 Sep, 7pm (For Year 10+)
    My Father, Odysseus - Wed 23 Mar, 7pm (For Year 7+)

    live captioning on stage

    Baddies: the Musical - Thu 3 Dec, 11am (For Years 3 - 8)
    Minotaur - Wed 10 Feb, 1.30pm (For Years 3 - 6)
    Martyr - Tue 6 Oct, 7pm (For Year 10+)

    BSL interpreter who performs on stage with the actors

    Baddies: the Musical - Thu 26 Nov, 7pm & Tue 15 Dec, 11am (For Years 3 - 8)

    Highly visual shows with little or no language used

    Breaking the Ice – 8 Sep-2 Oct (For Nursery - Reception)
    The Polar Bears Go Up - 19-29 Apr (For Nursery – Year 1)

    There is wheelchair access throughout the building and a wheelchair accessible lift to all floors.

    Tickets for school groups are £10 p/pupil (1 teacher free per 10 booked, as well as free tickets for 1:1 support staff). If you book two or more shows before 31 July you’ll get 25% off tickets, saving £2.50 per child.

    If you have any queries or special requirements, or would like support in planning your visit to us, please do get in touch with me as we are happy to help.


  2. Jo3Grace

    Jo3Grace New commenter

    Great stuff!

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