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Access Arrangements Tests

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by suzyshepster, Sep 16, 2018.

  1. suzyshepster

    suzyshepster New commenter

    Just wondering what other tests assessors use for Access Arrangements.
    I plan on doing WRAT5, DASH & TOMAL ... anything else??
  2. Flanks

    Flanks Senior commenter

    Ctopp2, particularly rapid naming tests.

    Sdmt, but only if you are confident in your maths to calculate standard score yourself.

    Wiat is better than wrat if you can, as it includes a reading speed measure.
  3. suzyshepster

    suzyshepster New commenter

    Thankyou Flanks ... much appreciated
    I'm only just starting out so it's all new to me. I haven't got a WIAT (it's next on my list to buy) so the plan is to do YARC secondary/ART2 depending on age for reading speed.
  4. zatoichi76

    zatoichi76 New commenter

    suzyshepster - I'm a total newbie too, and I've got a dual role as an Exams Officer and SENCo in a small PRU - I'm interested in your post as these were the two tests I'd seen as indicators - but I'm really not sure who/how to assess? I have a population of pupils mostly with EHCPs or in the process of being assessed, and I really want to get a handle on access arrangements sooner rather than later. My predecessor has left me NOTHING to indicate how she arrived at a 25% extension, and I'm at the first steps of researching how much assessment I need to do given that most of my pupils have active diagnoses of ASD/depression/anxiety. Forgive my naivety, I'm just looking for honest advice and jumped on your thread!
  5. Flanks

    Flanks Senior commenter

    A lot of children with EHCPs do not need assessing for access arrangements.

    Complete a file note on headed paper. Describe their needs, with reference to the needs stated in their EHCPs, describe their normal way of working in your centre and then declare that they would be disadvantaged without certain arrangements which match their normally way of working.

    Then, on Access arrangements online, apply for arrangements based on long term condition. It will be rejected, but you refer it immediately and include a copy of ehpc alongside your file note. Job done.
  6. zatoichi76

    zatoichi76 New commenter


    You speak my kind of language! I can't imagine once their EHCPs are read and considered that any would be rejected a second time. THANK YOU for taking the time to reply, it's much appreciated
    Flanks likes this.
  7. Joy1959

    Joy1959 New commenter

    JCQ regulations are clear on this... just a thought about the WIAT II UK - I thought reading speed norms were only for children, not 17+?????

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