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Accepting TA work

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by Advoca, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. One of my agencies has started ringing me occasionally, in the morning to do TA work that same day. They tell me that their teaching desk is quiet. So far, I have accepted, rather than have a day at home. However, I also run the risk of losing teaching work with other agencies. It is a difficult choice to have to make. What choice would you make?
  2. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    Personally, If I had bills to pay and was trying to get established in my local area and get my foot in the door of as many schools as possible I'd accept anything and everything, as it's better than sitting at home earning nothing at all.

    However, once I was established and beginning to get reasonably regular supply work in a few schools I'd probably knock the low paid stuff on the head and be more selective. Principles are fine if you can afford them, but beggars can't be choosers.

    Excuse me now while I now don my tin helmet and retire to the Rant Shelter, as I fear others may wish to express stronger views in a barrage of bold print and capitals.
  3. jmntsp

    jmntsp New commenter

    Lol...tin helmets on magic surf bus! No, it's ok. I think it has to be an individual choice. I cling to my principles, despite my poverty. I would personally never accept TA work. I've nearly 20 years teaching experience behind me and I'm beggared if you are getting my superb qualifications, skill, experience, etc for a ruddy TA salary. You wanna me, you paya da price. Goodness knows we are hardly over paid. However, I hear what you are saying and it really has to be each to their own. At the moment I'm doing 4 hours a week coaching some borderline D/C students for their GCSE in a school I've done loads of supply in. Unfortunately they've now appointed 3 Cover Supervisors and don't want any supply any more. Sigh...I can see that this is the way a lot of schools are going. So I'm scraping by on £100 a week and my lofty principles. Still not prepared to do CS or TA work though. I admit I'm fortunate in having a husband who's in work (although on a poor salary) but at least the mortgage gets paid. It means we've no money for the luxuries and maybe I should be applying for TA jobs on £12,000 a year, or whatever. But I won't. However, good luck to each and all.
  4. VelvetChalk

    VelvetChalk New commenter

    I have once and I would do it again, at the end of the day its still above minimum wage.
  5. I have only just started supply (and TBH I do it because of the lack of jobs in my sector and specialism)- and so far only have one agency who actually sends me any work at all. I am qualified in FE with QTLS but also worked as an SEN teaching assistant in the past. Because of this, my agency asked if I was willing to do TA work, which I said I was. After all, it is money - and I tend to agree with getting my face out there and making contacts. So far I have mostly been posted doing ASD support work, which I actually quite like, and I always relish the chance to improve my experience. However, I do feel strongly that as a qualified teacher, I need the chance to actually teach and stay on top of my game. I have mentioned this to my agency as I did worry that I may have been passed on permanently to the TA desk instead of the teaching desk. It's catch 22. Of course I want to work and I need the money- but I want to work teaching for a wage that reflects my qualifications! Still it would appear I am not alone. Another support in my science class the other day is FE trained and can't get a job there either. JOY! makes me wonder how many qualified teachers there are out there earning the pittance TA work attracts. Still, I digress. I guess I will just keep reminding my agency I exist, AND I can teach!!

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