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Accepting an offer then changing your mind?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Sparkley84, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. What happens if you accept a PGCE offer but then decide you don't want to take it up? Are you obliged to take the place? I've got a place for a secondary PGCE but I've also been provisionally offered a GTP place somewhere else. I'd prefer to do the GTP place, but won't hear back for 4 weeks. The school have said that my application is very strong and I should be accepted by the training provider, but I'm wondering if I should accept the PGCE place just in case? But if I then get offered the GTP place for definite can I then turn down the PGCE place? I know its a bit selfish to do this and not really fair on the uni, but I'm just scared of turning down the PGCE place and then not getting a place for the GTP.
  2. Hi Sparkley
    I was in almost the same position as you - I applied for both courses, knowing that I would definitely prefer the GTP over the PGCE. As it turned out I had my PGCE interview a long time before my GTP interview, so I accepted my PGCE place as a back-up plan. I then got offered a place on the GTP, so I just called up the uni and pulled out of the course and informed the GTTR that I was withdrawing my acceptance of a place.
    At the end of the day, keep yourself safe - don't turn anything down until you know you've got a firm back-up. Selfish towards the uni, yes, but you're keeping yourself safe!
    Hope this helps!
  3. That really helps! Thank you so much for replying!
  4. What if you have been offered a place on a PGCE with the same institution you are applying for the GTP with? I need to reply to my pgce offer before I have even had an interview for the GTP. Will accepting the PGCE affect my chances of success with the GTP app at the same institution?

    Thanks for your thoughts..
  5. I haven't had a reply from the PGCE or the GTP yet but I am hoping to be in the same position as the OP. Different providers though so I'm not sure about your situation Geo0705. However I would accept the PCGE as I think you get a time limit to respond and then it gets rejected automatically. I agree with the posts above, you have to look after no.1 and I think the uni will appreciate your committment. If you get questioned on it at the GTP interview, just state that you really want to be a teacher so you are exploring all entry routes available, then say why the GTP is your preference. I would imagine they get people doing it all the time anyway [​IMG]

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