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Accepted to UWIC - Secondary History PGCE.

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by kirsty_180, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. I found out before Christmas that I've been accepted onto the PGCE Secondary History course at UWIC starting in September.
    I've been looking on the forum and it feels like I'm the only one so far!
    Anyone else out there on the same course?

  2. I found out before Christmas that I've been accepted onto the PGCE Secondary History course at UWIC starting in September.
    I've been looking on the forum and it feels like I'm the only one so far!
    Anyone else out there on the same course?

  3. Hi, well done. I hear that it?s a difficult course to get onto. So that?s fantastic. I?m thinking about applying in September. What was the interview like? Did you have to give a presentation or complete a written or oral task?
    Hope it all goes well for you.
  4. Rhirhimajic

    Rhirhimajic New commenter

    I'll be doing English rather than history, but from what I understand we'll be in the same lectures/seminars/classes for the general uni stuff, we'll only be in our subject groups for the actual subject lessons...at least I THINK that's how it will work!
  5. Ah, that makes sense! I suppose the lecture stuff would apply to everyone! Do you know when we find out our placement schools? I'm guessing it would be during inducation week as I havent heard anything yet!
  6. Thanks! The interview was pretty straight forward, there was a written task where they gave us an article on a teaching method and we wrote a quick response. Interview centered around experiences I've had and what would I do in certain circumstances etc. The interviewers were really nice, it didnt feel like they wanted to catch me out!
    Hope all goes well with the application!
  7. Rhirhimajic

    Rhirhimajic New commenter

    We'll find out within the first two weeks in uni. Have you seen the July/August information pack yet? It's on the same website as the May joining information, I got the link to that in an email :) have you sorted your primary placement yet?
  8. I forgot about the July joining pack! Just read it - sounds intense! I told them at interview that I would drive to placement so I hope they haven't put me too far away!! Yeh I sorted my Primary placement, a school about 5 mins walk away from me!

    Are you living in Cardiff or further away? I think I'm going to have a nightmare with parking at Cyncoed! Are you all ready to start?
  9. Rhirhimajic

    Rhirhimajic New commenter

    Definately! Worried I'll end up far away, I know that would ruin the experience a little for me if I have to drive for 1-2 hours at the end of a long day. I'm not good when I'm hungry! :p
    I live in Bridgend so I'll drive in. I actually just finished my BA in UWIC Cyncoed so I'm used to the commute. The parking at Cyncoed is fine, I've never had trouble getting a space. Just have to remember to keep change as it's £1 for a few hours or £2 for a full day. I'm so keen to start, I finished uni in May and have only had part time hours in my job, my brain is ready to learn again! How about you?
  10. I know what you mean, I finished Uni in June and i've been part time and it's killing me!! I need to do something with days!!
    I've been used to walking to Uni, I went to Coventry and everything was 15 min walk from the house so commuting is going to be interesting; even if the school is close we still have to get the Cyncoed every day for the first 2 weeks!
    Have you got an email about enrollment yet? Today is suppose to be the start of online enrolment but they said they'd email with details?
  11. Rhirhimajic

    Rhirhimajic New commenter

    The enrolment email was waiting for me when I got in from work last night, did you get yours? Can't access the email address they gave me but hey ho! Not long to go now!!!
  12. Hi!
    I'm also starting PGCE in UWIC but I'll be doing it in modern languages. I live in Bridgend too and will be driving back and fore each day. I'm looking forward to starting but also a little nervous! Less than 3 weeks to go now!
  13. I got my email! And i'm officially enrolled, nerves have started as well!! I'm quite calm about actually going into placement (although I wish i knew where it was!!).
    I'm reading a book called 'brilliant trainee teacher' by Denise Smith and it just sets out what you should expect from the course and what to expect in the school, just makes everything seem less scary! Definatly worth a read!
    2 weeks to go!!!
  14. I'm terrified that my loan won't cover all the petrol!! And i've just handed in my notice to work and have officially finished so for the first time in 4 years I wont have a pay check every month!! Not to mention the new 'teacher' clothes i'm going to HAVE to buy :p
  15. Rhirhimajic

    Rhirhimajic New commenter

    Same. It's £10 per day in petrol for me if I'm in uni. Seriously fretting about where the placement will be just cos of petrol costs :( as far as the clothes are concerned I think I'll be ok as I did a few placements in schools for my undergrad course. I also worked in Austin Reed for a spell so I think I'm gonna use my AR uniform for placement clothes :) the real cost of this course is kinda scary when you realise just how much you have to spend...
  16. I've got a few bits from previous placements, i suppose it depends on what the school want us to dress like cause mine are really smart and I dont wanna turn up and the teachers are wearing jeans! haha!
    Ive been looking online at the UWIC new student website - do you know the time and the room where your suppose to meet on Monday? Mine says 9 but no room???
  17. Rhirhimajic

    Rhirhimajic New commenter

    Same, mine doesn't give a room number either. I'm hoping reception will know...not very organised is it :(
  18. I've emailed addmissions (in the hope that they get back to me tomorrow!) But if they dont then I guess we'll all just turn up on the day!!

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