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Acceptable or not?

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by -HomeAlone-, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. I'm an NQT, and started a maternity cover after half term. The school behaviour is decent, but they have a problem with ongoing low-level disruption - mainly constant talking.
    Because of previous behaviour, I gave them a resource and question sheet, which they needed to complete in silence. They couldn't do silence.
    I read somewhere (here?) that you should get the culprits to stand up - eventually I had about 8 students standing up, but they just kept chatting.
    When this didn't work, I made these 8 students stand at the side/front of the classroom facing the wall. IT WORKED A TREAT! The rest of the lesson was in silence!
    When I recounted this story to a small (select) group of colleagues in the staffroom, there was a sharp intake of breath. They were supportive, but it was the intial reaction that got me worried!
    I understand about not humiliating students, and was very aware not to do that during the lesson, and made very sure it wasn't a public humiliation thing, but as a result of their behaviour.
    But, is this kind of thing acceptable or not? And why?
    <u> Extra info:</u>
    This was a last resort with the group - they've been driving me crazy for weeks. It's a decent school, with decent kids, they just won't shut up when they need to. It's not something I will (or want to) resort to regularly, just as another weapon in my armoury.
    I do work through the behaviour policies, and did so this lesson too. From this class I regularly give out 3-4 break-time detentions.
    It's not a one off - I've been teaching them for 7 weeks, and haven't once got through what was planned (or reasonably expected) during the lesson.

  2. It worked for you when other strategies have failed so personally i would say well done. Sharp intake of breath, lol some are afraid to take an action such as yours. Why? i dont know but if you get to teach and pupils to learn what harm has been done?

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