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Accelerated Reader - PhD research

Discussion in 'Primary' started by rugeleyradical, Jun 8, 2020.

  1. rugeleyradical

    rugeleyradical New commenter

    I am currently completing my PhD in Education and as my theme I am researching the use of Accelerated Reader in Primary Schools as a tool to develop a reading culture. I have found it incredibly hard to persuade school to join my research and over the past few years I have had knock backs both professionally and personally that have hindered my progress in my research.
    If there are any primary teachers who would be able to discuss their experiences of using Accelerated Reader in their classroom I would love to add you to my study. Thank you for your interest.
  2. fraudeutsch

    fraudeutsch New commenter

    I found it useful - it was in a secondary school that it was used for Y7 and Y8.

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