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accelerate chilren's learning

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by billybox, Jun 27, 2012.

  1. billybox

    billybox New commenter

    I am a supply teacher (of 4 years!) and am just finishing an application form for a full time job, I am also still an NQT.
    I have got to question 11 and am struggling a bit, I know roughly what I want to say but would be grateful for some guidance. The question is "experience/knowledge of successful stratergies to accelerate childrens learning. I am also dylexia please forgive any mistakes. My A. form will be proof read about 4 times!!
  2. For me this is an AfL question. I use all the Wiliam and Black stuff about written and verbal feedback from adults and other children.

    Questionning skills also very important, as questioning can really stretch more able learners as the opportunities arise at all sorts of times throughout the day.
  3. billybox

    billybox New commenter

    Thank you this is really helpful.

  4. You could include a bit about questioning and using Bloom's taxonomy since a few schools seem keen on that at the moment :)
  5. mickymilan

    mickymilan New commenter

    Use data to see where the kids are at then what they need to do in order to achieve a higher level. Link it to Blooms Taxonomy, e.g. a student might be able to state something but needs to describe/explain in order to gain a higher level

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