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Discussion in 'Governors' started by knowmanythings, Mar 31, 2011.

  1. The new type of academies don't have to be failing schools. In fact they are supposed to be good schools with outstanding features and, I think, to undertake to help other schools that are in difficulties.
    In fact, the school which my children attended had only one outstanding feature - something to do with community links - but is going ahead with an application with publicity suggesting it is outstanding. In fact its 'core' provision, education, is not that good.
    Yes, it is a governors decision to apply to the DfE. And in our community secondary, finding out who the governors are is impossible. Therefore, it can be a very small number of people, who may be very uninformed, who are making this important decision.
  2. The school doesn't use the LEA clerking facility, which is open and efficient.
    I think it is someone otherwise employed in school - which makes it difficult as s/he is answerable to the head.
    In fact the school concerned has just had a 'satisfactory' rating in a very recent Ofsted - so I don't know whether this will scupper academy application. But it makes a nonsense that only a few weeks ago, it was being claimed that the school's 'outstanding' status meant it would be helping other schools to improve to their standards!
  3. harsh-but-fair

    harsh-but-fair Star commenter

    So, have you written to them?
  4. Staff do not have any vote, nor do other stakeholders, but the Governing Body who do vote have to consult.

    We will, by the end of the process, have three teacher consultations. I have also asked for a provision to be made that staff be given additional information (if allowed) on the budget situation and then be given informal opportunities to speak to Governors about their views. I know some would like a ballot but I'm not sure that will tell us 'why' they think as they do, and 'why' is what we need to know so we can - as Governors - build it into our thought process.

    I am all for maximum consultation so, even if the vote goes against stakeholders, it will be easy to say the FGB felt these advantages (whatever they are) outweighed these disadvantages (whatever they are) and everyones comments will be on the list, so considered.
  5. Regarding the comment about a few uninformed making the decision : while it may be the case for those FGB who act more like rubber stampers, can I add that ours (and I hope many others) will take it extremely seriously. I have already spent about 40 hours on attending consultations, analysing the business plan myself, drawing up questions and extra meetings. By the end of this I expect to easily double that. I am self employed so lose money for every working hour I give. I just wanted to make the comment that many Governors will be taking this matter extremely seriously.

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