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Absolutely Gutted...

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by Kj90, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. Long story short, i've been working full time for a nursery school fince January 16th, covering a member off staff off ill. All was fab, and just last week i was invited to stay part time even though the teacher was returning. As you can imagine i felt my career was well and truely on track. The school noted that i hadn't been able to start induction and hadn't received any guidance or support, and that after easter this would improve.
    Yesterday i was involved in a safe guarding incident. I'd never been in this position before and dealt with it to the best of my ability, having recieved no guidance or support in the matter. I wrote down everything that happened but failed to write down the interventions I made (i didnt realise just how scrutinised my notes would be) I had also discussed with my experienced team what i had done and they agreed that i had dealt with it appropriately. When passing these notes on i was immediately called into the head teachers office. To say I was demoralised is an understatement, was kept by the head teacher for hours after school yesterday and was told that my judgement was shocking and unnacceptable. I would like to point out that the safeguarding issue was between two children who were not in immediate danger. I was accused of encouraging the situation and that i hadnt intervened. I explained that i had, but these interventions were not written down as at the time i was focussing on what the children were doing/saying. I was given a severe dressing down and left feeling as low as possible,
    Bravely i continued as normal today, eager to prove i could make things right. All was fine until the end of the day until i was once agin pulled into the heads office and told that i am no longer invited to stay after easter. I didnt get to say goodbye to the children. My team are disgusted and upset and fearful for their jobs. In some ways i am glad to be out of such an unsupportive school, but i feel that after all my hard work these last two terms, i was made a scapegoat for the obvious shortcomings in their training and support procedure. I admit that i made mistakes, but i am only human and was not given the opportunity to put things right. Gutted,,,
  2. ...sounds like a whitewash.
    ...are you in a union. If not, then get signed up asap. You were entitled to have someone with you when interviewed by the HT and more pertinently, the fact that you had not received any training nor guidance is especially appalling seeing as havent even started your NQT in earnest.
    ...my advice is just that...seek advice from a union rep, NQTs are covered or so I am led to believe so your situation demands some recourse via a legal team.
    ...did the HT actually give grounds for your 'dressing down' and the subsequent invite withdrawal?
    ...did the HT take notes or have someone take them verbatim?
    ...did you get the opportunity to have a witness present?
    ...have you asked what will be the outcome, e.g. references etc from this incident?
    ...were there any other witnesses to the incident to corroborate your story?
    ...there will also be an opportunity to report this 'unsupportive' school to the relevant authorities. I suggest, apart from contacting the union (if you are in one of course) to also contact the LA??? and/or your local CAB. They helped me out hugely a few years ago. The service is free and an invaluable source of sound info. Also try your legal expenses on your house insurance. Sounds like a long shot I know but I also made good use of them as well when I was in a similar position some time ago.
    good luck
  3. I have no advice for you as such, just that I'm sorry to hear you have been treated so unfairly. I wonder how the Head herself would have dealt with it, if she was in your position?! It sounds as if you did the best you could in the circumstances. Try to relax for a while now and then put all your energies into finding a better, more supportive school. Hard to accept now, but there ARE some out there. Best of luck.
  4. Thank you both for your kind replies. Nina the answer to 4/5 of your questions is no. Although I said that others might have been able to back up my story I was told that she 'isn't running some sort of investigation'. I did indeed ask about my references and was told that i could ask another member of staff to do them for me. This is the small silver lining I can take from this situation. No-one was in the office during my dressing down or termination of agreement, nor were any notes recorded. Am I entitled to this as a non-contracted staff member? Unfortunately my membership at the union has expired, naively enough I never thought I would end up in this kind of situation.
    Im feeling so dejected, her words are stuck in my mind and I feel stupid and ashamed. I hate to think that just one person thinks I am a hazard to children, despite every one elses support. It take 1000 compliments to get rid of one insult. I am considering reporting this but i feel like it's a case of the naive 22 year old NQT versus the 50yr old Head Teacher. Like I said I admit there were shortcomings in my approach, but I did what I could at the time. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.
    I loved my class of children and it upsets me everytime I imagine them coming in after easter and asking where I am, i'm worried what the head might say to parents that I had such great rapport with. Starting to feel like im not cut out for this! Sorry for the ramblings, but there's litte else I can do to vent my upset.
  5. Mrs-Pip

    Mrs-Pip New commenter

    Were you employed via an agency?
  6. Yes, hence why I feel powerless to do anything. The only right I have that wasn't exercised was to hace a witness, this applies to supply teachers also according to the nasuwt.
  7. Mrs-Pip

    Mrs-Pip New commenter

    What did your consultant say? I hope they have been supportive about this.
  8. I think he was just shocked. He was surprised to have me ringing up upset telling him I'd been let go when just one week ago the school rang to extend my booking until summer as they were pleased with my teaching. What a difference a week makes! I explained as confidentiality as possible what I had been dismissed for, and he assured me that it won't affect me getting work in future, but the head did say she would also ring and talk to them. This woman seems intent on destroying my whole career, I think I've learned a hard enough lesson already. Really not sure if I can see myself in such a cut throat career. Not something that comes to mind when you train to be an early years teacher!
  9. Mrs-Pip

    Mrs-Pip New commenter

    Right, the fact that you are working through an agency makes a big difference on your future work.
    Simple...it doesn't!
    The head will phone the agency up and give her side of the story and this will be feeded back to you. If it isn't then the agecny don't care about it. If they do then you can go from there and tell them how you were treated and warn them not to send any NQT's there as they offer no support.
    If the agency hold this against you then leave them and join another. This incident will not follow you around! I'm sure that you have references that you can call on, my advise would be to avoid ANY references from<u> anyone</u> in this school.
    There is no point thinking what you could have or should have done. If you had more experience, (You now have) then you now know what you would do! Put it down to experience and please don't let this put you off teaching.
    Also please next time don't allow another adult to speak to you like that in the workplace... they aren't allowed and headteachers are NOT God, even though some think they are. I know at the time you are worried about the outcome etc. but being spoken to like one of the children just isn't on!
    Enjoy your Easter holidays and forget about the whole incident... there is nothing more you can do and worrying will make you ill.
    Open a glass of wine and just be glad you don't have to ever go back there again...[​IMG]
    P.S. You will honestly look back and laugh about this!
  10. Again, thank you for the kind words and well wishes. It's surprising how much they mean at a time like this. I agree that the way I was spoken to wasn't fair, all the same it isn't easy to forget. A member of senior management (who actually tried to reason with the head and took some responsibility herself for lack of support) came to see me after my dismissal and expressed her shock and disagreement with the situation. it is her who has agreed to out together a supportive reference alongside the members of my classroom team who were my rock and support from day one. I failed to mention that this head is only temporary and been in place a matter of weeks. The senior manager even said she would consider her own position should the head become permanent. It doesn't paint a pretty picture does it?

    None the less I'm glad to have learnt a lesson, even if it was made far too hard! It still baffles me how people who start out as caring teachers can turn out to have zero people skills in a position of leadership. I may have made a mistake, but I knew no better. She also made a mistake in handling the situation, but she should have known better.
  11. Mrs-Pip

    Mrs-Pip New commenter

    But like you mentioned, they fear for their own jobs. At the end of the day you are a temp supply teacher and they know where their loyalties lie... sadly that is not with you! Good Luck!
  12. You have had a lucky escape from a potentially hellish NQT year. Look at the NQT thread to read about the difference a supportive head/SLT makes. Take away the positive that they really loved your teaching and I am sure another school will snap you up soon!
  13. I agree with Ronson; go to at least one other agency. These things do happen and you will have learned from it, especially the fact that schools or rather people who run them are fickle. You can do a million things right but make one mistake and that is what they remember. Somewhere along the line it isn't about you but covering their own backs. Do not give up, this was one bad experience.
  14. And if you haven't already, rejoin the union!
  15. guinnesspuss

    guinnesspuss Star commenter

    I agree with the advice to go with other agencies.
    I'm with 3 and manage to work most of the time for one or other. I hadn't heard from a fourth for months until today when they left me a message, I thought they'd given up on me ...
    Chin up and look for other agencies.

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