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Absense during nqt year??

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by aclvkl, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice please, I have suffered with depression and insomnia for the past 8 years and most of the time i have a handle on it but unfortunately things have gone down hill pretty fast over the past few months, i tried to keep it together at school for as long as possible but things just kept getting worse, i have been seeing the doctor and a consellor weekly for the past month and they both adviced me i really needed to take some time off to get better, iv been off for the last two weeks and was told yesterday i need at least another two weeks, i feel really guilty and a bit perfetic having to have all this time off during my first year. So far on my sick note the doctors just written "dibilitated" but now says he cant cover any longer and needs to state on my sicknote that it is depression, im really worried about telling school whats going on as dont want them to think bad of me, dont really know how to go about explaining it all to them? I cant really hide the insomnia as i look so tired alot of the time but I put on a very good front and no one outside of my family has ever had a clue iv got depression, very worried about people finding out.
  2. lilachardy

    lilachardy Star commenter

  3. You are entitled to time off for illness regardless of NQT or not. Plus your school will probably be more accepting of "depression" than "debilitated" which is a bit vague and wishy-washy. Once they know they can arrange for you to see occupational health who can make recommendations for you to be able to work more effectively e.g. maybe a phased return or reduced workload or something until you are well enough to cope with your full workload.
    I was off for 4mths with depression in the past- when I came back it was fine, and when I left that school it was for a SLT position.
    Depression no longer has the stigma it once had and tbh when I first got it I was like you wanting no one to know but since I opened up and shared with people things got better and I felt more able to cope. I was pleasantly surprised with how great people were. A problem shared is a problem halved...
    Feel better and take your time...all will work out xxx
  4. Oh thank goodness ther's someone else! I am in pretty much the same boat.
    I have been diagnosd with depression, in Janurary. I told school who have been amazingly supportive. When I went to work on Wednesday I just broke, I started crying in my classroom (before school started luckily) and went to head who sent me home. My day at home did me the world of good but I'm in a bad way this evening, the idea of having to go back tomorrow and next week is just too much and I cried in the car on my way home. The hard bit is that I had an alright day today, not perfect and some bits were really tricky but for the most part, pretty alright but now I feel hopeless and helpless again!
    I'm going to go to the doctors tomorrow (hopefully!) and am thinking about asking for time off but am really worried about it affecting my NQT year.
    All I know is I can't carry in the way it is, I just can't keep going.
  5. According to the induction regulations you can have your induction period extended if you have absences totalling 30 days. If you are currently meeting the standards in all other ways and are likely to meet them once you are fit. Ask your mentor and lead for NQT's to check the regulations for you. Everyone here is right, the stigma of depression is weaker than it has ever been and you will find most school staff supportive. If they are not that is their problem and seek advice from your union! Most unions also have counselling services as do most Local Authority's. The reality is probably not as bad as you fear. Be brave and follow your doctors advice. Good luck.

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