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Absense during nqt year??

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by aclvkl, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice please, I have suffered with depression and insomnia for the past 8 years and most of the time i have a handle on it but unfortunately things have gone down hill pretty fast over the past few months, i tried to keep it together at school for as long as possible but things just kept getting worse, i have been seeing the doctor and a consellor weekly for the past month and they both adviced me i really needed to take some time off to get better, iv been off for the last two weeks and was told yesterday i need at least another two weeks, i feel really guilty and a bit perfetic having to have all this time off during my first year. So far on my sick note the doctors just written "dibilitated" but now says he cant cover any longer and needs to state on my sicknote that it is depression, im really worried about telling school whats going on as dont want them to think bad of me, dont really know how to go about explaining it all to them? I cant really hide the insomnia as i look so tired alot of the time but I put on a very good front and no one outside of my family has ever had a clue iv got depression, very worried about people finding out.
  2. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Why can't he put something like 'exhaustion from chronic insomnia'?
    Do you have insomnia because you are depressed or is the depression a side-effect of the chronic insomnia?
    In your Induction year, you can be absent for 25 school days and your end date for Induction can be unaffected.
    If you absences reach 30 days or more, you have to serve all the missing days after the original Induction end date before the school can complete the 3rd term's paperwork.
    If you have a fixed term 1 year contract, 30+ days absent would mean leaving with 2 'banked' Induction terms and the need to restart the final Induction term at your next school.
  3. The maximum time you can have off during the induction year is 29 days, the local authority must be satisfied that you have passed all the standards and may,due to illness grant a reduction of up to 29 days. If you reach 30 days then induction must be extended. Your employer has a duty to support you through any return to work after an illness. Depression is suffered by many workers, it may well be that adjustments to your work could help alleviate problems that are contributing to your depression.
  4. RamC

    RamC New commenter

    I've been off since xmas due to a very unexpected flare of long term chronic health problems. I would advise you strongly to be honest with your school. They cannot support you without you being open with them about your needs. Depression and insomnia will affect your reactions and stamina to perform your role even when you do return- and medication can have side effects they need to know about. They could put extra support in place and not ask you to stay after school for extra activities or such things. Your GP could support you by writing a report outlining what you can manage. I mean, maybe you can do part time or half days at some point. Your school will need to help you get back on track and they can't do that without all the information.
  5. So much for coming on here for support and advise from fellow professionals, it took me a hell of alot to build up the confidence to write my post, its very hurtful that during an already extremely difficult time in my life some people chose to pick up on spelling and grammer mistakes, i have dyslexia which is a hurdle i have worked really hard to overcome all my life to ensure it never held me back, as teachers i thought you would of had more understanding than to make such unproductive comments, especially seems as my post was dealing with depression and in no way was asking for spelling advice.
  6. Thank you, appreciate that!!x

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