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About time.

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by Zimrilim, Aug 28, 2020.

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  1. Zimrilim

    Zimrilim New commenter

    Has anyone else received the grovelling, mea culpa email from the associates who look for things? If so, what did you make of it? Sorry, I can't provide a link. Need the other Zimrilim to do that.
  2. Karvol

    Karvol Occasional commenter

    Great in principle, I don't see much change though.

    No native English speakers - just look at the CV and where the individual went to school. Little change.

    No pic - name, country of origin, more or less allows one to find the ethnicity of 95% of applicants.

    It is a start, but changing the mindsets of those who think "white is right" is a lot more difficult.
  3. norwichred

    norwichred Occasional commenter

    That organisation keeps sending me emails about jobs that are immediate start. I send them an email, and they never reply. Am I rubbish? Or are they?

    Their adverts are full of misspellings and often the email links provided are misspelt meaning the email gets bounced back.

    What is their story exactly? I’m intrigued.
  4. Mitochondria1

    Mitochondria1 Occasional commenter

    It's a pathetic groveling email from an organisation that's going to be coming fast obsolete without their rip-off job fairs.

    No photo? Should be standard in any recruitment policy (and is already in many accreditation schemes), as well as something that's enshrined in law in many Western countries already.

    Removing 'native English speaker' requirement - again, no measurable effect.

    They are trying to join the 'woke' crowd, without actually doing anything of substance.

    If they wanted to do something worthwhile, they could actually take action against schools with abusive practices towards staff, instead of looking at the commission they could be earning.
  5. Mitochondria1

    Mitochondria1 Occasional commenter

    On June 5, 2020, following the murder of George Floyd, the xxxxxxxxxxx team issued a statement expressing our belief that Black Lives Matter and our commitment to inquiry and taking action against systemic racism and social injustice. Following that statement, we heard from many of you both publicly and privately, wanting to know what actions we will take.

    During the past several weeks, we have begun a process of looking inward. We know that such inquiry begins with us and that we have not done enough. We recognize and seek to understand how our actions and inactions have caused or contributed to harm.

    In failing to recognize the impact of systemic racism and bias on those we serve, xxxxxxxxxxxxxx has fallen short in helping highly qualified candidates of color obtain positions in some of the best international schools worldwide. We have also fallen short in actively using our influence to help shape a more inclusive and diverse international school community.

    We know that discrimination and bias are broadly experienced by many different individuals and groups. Our initial steps will focus on the experience of our BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) candidates with an understanding that this work will help to create a more inclusive and equitable international school community and have a wide-reaching and transformative impact.

    Our words ring hollow without tangible actions and evidence of change. xxxxxxxxxxxx commits to the action steps below, knowing that we have much to learn and understand to create and sustain change, and to gain the trust of everyone we serve.
    Most immediately, xxxxxxxxxxxx has:
    • Mandated the removal of "native English speaker" from all job postings to our site
    • Noted on our candidate applications that photos should not be uploaded and will have this section fully removed from our applications
    • Engaged Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) consultants to advise and support us in our work ahead
    By the end of December 2020, xxxxxxxxxxxxxx will:
    • Complete a comprehensive equity and inclusion organizational audit that captures demographic diversity data and identifies needed changes to policies, systems, structures, and practices to create and sustain a more inclusive organization

    • Conduct surveys, interviews, and listening circles with educators and schools, network-wide, to capture their experiences and perceptions around diversity, equity, and inclusion within lived experiences with xxxxxxxxxxxxxxs -- these conversations will amplify and add to our initial action steps
    • Engage in individual and organizational learning, beginning with the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI), which allows individuals and groups to focus on increasing their intercultural competence (from how they currently engage cultural differences to how they can more effectively engage diversity)
    By the end of March 2021, xxxxxxxxxxx will:
    • Use insights from our data gathering, listening, and learning to revise our organizational strategic plan, prioritizing DEI goals in order to make meaningful and needed change
    • Have a concrete plan to add more diversity within our organization, with a focus on our leadership team
    • Identify steps to work with our member schools and other partners in the industry to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in the international school community
    • Communicate and launch our three-year DEI plan and goals
    Over the course of this next year, we will continue to provide updates on our progress with honesty and transparency. We will hold ourselves accountable to do what we have committed to do and we will use our influence to advocate for a truly inclusive international school community.
    We are grateful to those of you who have challenged us, shared your experiences and offered suggestions in recent weeks. As we move forward, we will continue to engage the whole community in this dialogue against racism, wherever and in whatever form it exists, while centering the voices and experiences of BIPOC educators.

    We also recognize the burden of this work is on us. It is our responsibility to identify, address and challenge the attitudes, behaviors, policies, and structures within our organization that perpetuate and contribute to systemic racism and bias. It is also our responsibility to use our influence with our partner schools around the world to do the same.
  6. Mitochondria1

    Mitochondria1 Occasional commenter

    Now we will take action by doing two things that are legal requirements in some countries anyway, and won't make a real difference regardless.

    By Christmas we will pay people to ask questions and do surveys

    By March we will do something vague with said consultants.
    mermy likes this.
  7. frodo_magic

    frodo_magic Occasional commenter

    It will be interesting to see how this agency SEARCHes for teachers in countries where racism is a national sport and ingrained into the psyche of Government and just about every citizen from Kuwait, Saudi and every other ME country. These agencies have had their white-is-right blinkers on for so long, I doubt they even know what racism is. If they employ a single black person, I'd be very surprised.
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2020
    polykera likes this.
  8. Mitochondria1

    Mitochondria1 Occasional commenter

    They will do what they have always done, and what any teacher who claims to be 'progressive' does. Keep virtue signaling, while recruiting for, or working in countries with practices that they claim to disavow.

    If this particular organisation said 'mandatory quota for Chinese schools or we will delist you!' then maybe I would have a bit more respect for this pathetic groveling non-action email. As it stands it's just a big fat nothing.
  9. frodo_magic

    frodo_magic Occasional commenter


    Sorry. I've no idea what you are on about. I wouldn't listen to a few bitter old lady leftie posters on other forums, who find debate on issues rather than people impossible to do, and just prefer to follow a few posters who aren't Corbyn lovers around, attempting to dislodge discussions. They'll lead you astray.

    However, the post is an interesting one, and as someone with quite a few ME years under my belt and some experience of international agencies. I thought it worth a comment. I prefer as always to concentrate on the thread, rather than the poster. You aren't one of those posters who prefer it the other way round, are you?

    Added to my "People to Ignore" list. Byeeee.
  10. colacao17

    colacao17 Lead commenter

    The "send me a vdeo of you teaching" and worse "send me a video of you answering these questions" could both be means of getting round that.
  11. Mitochondria1

    Mitochondria1 Occasional commenter

    I think you have problems...this creepy obsession with the poster, not the idea is just not normal.
    frodo_magic likes this.
  12. frodo_magic

    frodo_magic Occasional commenter

    It is creepy and frightening. Almost bunny boiler stuff.
  13. colacao17

    colacao17 Lead commenter

    FWIW I sympathise with install. The poster in question is a pain, deliberately provocative and scathing of teachers.
    But there's an ignore function and you can always just scroll on by.
    install likes this.
  14. Mitochondria1

    Mitochondria1 Occasional commenter

    I do recruitment. The level of candidate on the international circuit in four different schools in four different countries I've worked in has not been exactly stellar. We may get 150 applications per advert, but after you filter out the 120 without EU or UK passports, and then the dozen or so who can't be bothered to write a covering letter, and then the handful who change jobs more often than I change underwear, you're left with maybe one or two decent candidates. The 'send me a video' thing...well that happened to me once, along with a huge hupla over a SLT position that may or may not exist in the future, any my opinions was 'nope, not wasting my time'. I think it's more of a 'get people who are obedient' thing instead of about finding good teachers.
  15. colacao17

    colacao17 Lead commenter

    That was also how I saw it, as a test to see how obliging you'd be, but more recently a comment was made here which linked it to the obligatory photo and now I'm more suspicious.

    Like you, I have never, and would never, do it.
  16. install

    install Star commenter

    Let’s hope people start being nice to each other in all societies and really start respecting each other. Let’s hope people don’t just preach (as we see maybe even in this thread) but actually respect each other without being rude, without personal attacks and without resorting to insulting terms and terminology. Indeed, we are all equal no matter what our colour, our race, our religion, gender, health and more. The death of George Lloyd has taught us that.

    It’s about time...people looked to themselves and their actions:cool:
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2020
  17. Mitochondria1

    Mitochondria1 Occasional commenter

    Really, if you were so inclined to 'filter' people, the photo is really not needed. Look at the name, passport, university etc... and it's not like you're not going to see them during interview. It's why I consider the agency who is the subject of the OP to be doing absolutely nothing of substance.
  18. february31st

    february31st Established commenter

    Will teachers now be allowed to have visible body art and piercings. It's extremely irritating no matter what the temperature is I always have to have my shirt sleeves long so no one knows the football team I support. If I do wear short sleeves the 6inch square bandaid always draws comments on I hope I get better soon. I can't open my mouth fully incase the stud is glimpsed and I don't feel anyone doesn't know I have a pierced ear behind the plaster.
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