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Aberdeen Primary PGDE 2013

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by angel_kk99, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Aye, best of luck to all! Gie it laldy!
  2. Best of luck to everyone in the interview today. [​IMG]
  3. Interview done :D relief :) Think it went well but then again it's hard to know what the interviewer thought!! Just wait in hope now!! Best of luck to anyone left to do theirs this evening!! Hopefully those that have had theirs got on good too :)
  4. Well done! Luck of the Irish!! :)
  5. Congratulations!!!!! keep us posted on the results. [​IMG]
  6. You too!! Hopefully we'll all get it now :) Keep posted on results, hopefully it won't be long til we know :)
  7. Not just you, Snowbean! Is it THE email/letter.......? No, it's more spam. Argh! Very appropriate name for the current climate, by the way. Still waiting for a day off work though - no such luck :/
  8. I think we're likely to have at least another week of waiting, folks.
    I've also been keeping tabs on my status on the Aberdeen applicant portal (still showing an amber light on the traffic light) and GTTR Track and nothing has changed there as yet either.
    Ho hum! [​IMG]
    Yes, the snow has been a bit pitiful here in Elgin. Not that it would make much difference with me being within walking distance of where I work....so no snow days for me! [​IMG]
  9. I'm in Elgin too L4DYBIRD :)

    I'm petrified at getting an email from GTTR!! I don't think I can take a 4th rejection but fearing that's what's coming :-(

    I also don't have a stop on my application.
  10. No 'stop' showing up for me on GTTR Track either.
    Has anyone spoken to Cathy Reid in the admissions office at Aberdeen? She might be able to shed some light on things....although I imagine she's already fielding plenty of calls from anxious interviewees.
    This is my 3rd time applying for a place on a PGDE course. First time was with UHI/University of Strathclyde through Moray College. I got called for interview for that but was unsuccessful. Now the funding no longer exists to run the course with that institute.
    Then I applied to Aberdeen but didn't even make interview. I thought it was probably because I didn't have Higher English, only English Language 'O' Level. So I attended a class 2 nights a week at Moray College and passed the Higher English with a B in August 2012.
    Even if I don't get in this time I will not give up. I left a full time/permanent position as a teaching assistant to go back to full time education to get a degree with the intention of going into teaching. I reckon if I've made it this far it's worth hanging in there!
    Think positive eeyore! I'm sure the selectors must be impressed with your tenacity! [​IMG]

  11. Oh dear :( now I really am expecting the worst! Hopefully we'll know soon either way, but it doesn't look good that no one else has stops. This is my first time applying for the PGDE (I applied for the BEd 14 years ago, but was far too immature!) I will be applying again if I don't get in this time, then again, then again...
  12. Not an easy process, is it! Seems most of us have had a long and winding path to try and get onto the course. I moved back to Scotland two years ago after having taught abroad. As I'd previously done the GTP in England, I was hoping I'd be able to register with GTCS. Not so (they are tricky!). They don't accept GTP unless it's backed up with considerable primary experience. Fair enough. Then I contacted the uni, had an interview for a top-up course...but no luck. Applied for PGDE last year.... maths wasn't high enough. Did maths at the uni's summer school....passed. Was so relieved to get an interview this time round but, as much as I really want to teach, I'm not sure I could cope with yet another rejection at this point. I think I'll be looking for support work in schools (escaping from the toddlers at the playgroup I'm at, lovely as they are!). Hoping there's something. That's a brave step L4DYBIRD, leaving a full-time position and in a school, too. I really admire you guys. I'm just struggling to stay positive about it all.
  13. Is there any word yet on how many places Aberdeen will have this year or if it will go up from last years 85 places?? Just really want to find out now, the waiting is torture!! Hopefully we'll all be getting positive news soon rather than later! Here's hoping!!
  14. Really? o_O
    Where did you hear this? I didn't see any mention of the PGDE in the 2013 Prospectus for UHI or anything online. If they want it to run in August they should be getting the word out to folk asap or there'll be no applicants. Of course, if it happens then it sure would be good to know! [​IMG]

  15. I got a Welcome letter when I submitted my application to GTTR and this was a GT2 letter. I think if they send you a GT4 letter or email it means that they want you to view changes on Track and if there has been an offer made then the scheme code changes to GT3. However, I could be wrong, so please don't anyone panic....it's very much a case of the blind leading the blind at this stage! [​IMG]
    They said at the beginning of my interview that the number of places they have to offer will depend on the funding they are awarded by the government.
    Yes, if one more person asks me if I have "heard anything yet" I think I will [​IMG]

  16. UHI ran a workshop in October about applying to the PGDE & it was mentioned then. It's not been advertised as they're not sure it will definitely run. They'll know later in the spring if it runs. Email Mary.Mackay@uhi.ac.uk & note your interest, she'll let you know if it does run. The course doesn't go to the GTC for approval until after 22 February so no idea when it'll be improved. Would be so much better if it did run though, even if it was only in Inverness!

    My scheme code is GT01.
  17. Thanks eeyore...that's good to know! [​IMG]
    I had Mary Mackay as a module tutor when I was doing my degree. She was based at Lews Castle, I think. I'll definitely drop her a line. I live literally next to Moray College, so if that course DID run it would be super convenient!
    Och well, it looks like I'm the thicko where the scheme code is concerned...it obviously does reflect the number of times you applied....just ignore my inane rantings, folks! [​IMG]
  18. That is close!! I'm not that close but it is walkable. There'd be no travel costs & not as much childcare either! I'm hopeful that it will run, saying to myself I will have another chance for this year!
  19. Becoming so impatient, just really want to find out very soon!! The wait for results is way worse than waiting for your interview. Hopefully will be in the next few days when we find out!!
  20. And your interview was only this week! :p

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