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Aberdeen Primary PGDE 2013

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by angel_kk99, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. How am i only finding this now! such a dope! Hi all, thans everyone for the great tips on the interview. much more nervous now!!!! i am also skyping next Tuesday so fingers crossed. it's freaking tough trying to anticipate what will come up and trying to get everything in. lets hope it goes well. roll on 5pm tuesday evening, the country will be on fire with all the candles that are lit!
  2. Hey Molly! What topics are you covering for the general interview and what presentation are you doing? :) Also who's interviewing you :)
  3. I'm not good at all this waiting :/
  4. Neither am I Pianist82. It's torture, I just want to know either way! Any ideas when we might find out?
  5. I hate waiting too! I'm not checking gttr but I am checking my emails every 15 mins or so when I can! Having email on the move is a bad thing!! I'm not hopeful though so trying really hard not to think about it.
  6. I'm awful at waiting too! I have been checking GTTR and my email heaps, despite the fact that I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that they'll tell us by letter. They haven't been allocated their places yet by the government, so I think we'll have another couple of weeks of waiting yet :(
  7. Glasgow have started to accept people for next year already, I know a person who has got accepted. Surely they must know the number of people they can take on? Last year Aberdeen took on 84 or 85 for the course, any idea if it will be higher this year or not??
  8. There's no way of knowing for sure how many places they'll have, they estimate how many probationary spots they'll have for the following year I think. If Glasgow have started accepting then maybe they've all had their places allocated then? When do you guys have your Skype interviews? We might find out after those...
  9. Unless perhaps they know they're going to be able to accept a certain amount of people as they know they're going to have plenty of spots. I don't know but hopefully they'll all know soon how many places they will have. Read somewhere on here that numbers will increase for the 2013-14 year so hopefully! I think all skype interviews are on Tuesday 22nd, haven't heard of anyone having one on any other date so maybe after that they'll be getting back to people and letting them know :)
  10. Wouldn't it be great if they had enough places for all of us! Fingers crossed it won't be too long until we find out.
  11. It would be brilliant if they had enough places for all of us! Hopefully we'll all know soon enough anyway, better just make sure I do a good interview now :)
  12. Yeah irishguy, don't let the side down!! :p hehe! Was told we'll hear by the end of the month. I was playing it cool, yeah no problem, I've waited this long, I can wait some more - but that's all gone out the window! I just wish this worrying manifested itself in frantic sessions at the gym or completing really hard crosswords. Sadly, I'm just eating my way through the sweetie section of my local shop..... (one step away from Bridget Jones, two steps from being a crazy cat lady!).
  13. I'm going crazy with the wait as well :( Have no idea how I did! Anyone know if having an ordinary degree and not an honours will seriously affect my odds? Got years of experience but it's just so hard to tell.

    Think i might have spoken to a few of you on here before the interview though! Was at the 11:30 slot wearing a navy dress :)
  14. A honours degree is not required SCJ111. I attended a video conference with Aberdeen Uni about the PGDE & they said the only instance in which they would consider honours would be if 2 (or more) applicants have the same level of experience & were on par after interview. It's not something they look at unless they *really* can't decide between candidates. Hopefully I get called into work for extra days next week as there is no 3G signal in the staff room so I can't check my emails!!!!
  15. Cheers! This wait is killing me! Aww no! At least you'll get a break from obsessivly checking them all day!
  16. Anyone any tips for what to say for the second part of the presentation?? For the classroom management one?
  17. Irishguy, I did that one, I tried to relate what they said to things that I've seen in the classroom and my experiences outside of the classroom. The unfortunate thing is that none of us know how well we did yet, so I don't know if that was the right thing or not. Good luck to you and anyone else being interviewed tomorrow! I'm sure you'll do great :)
  18. Thanks Snowbean, that's the kind of material that I have incorporated into my presentation so hopefully for both of our sakes is the right way to do it :) Thanks for the tip and for the best wishes :)
  19. hey, been up the walls over the last few days. doing Classroom Management, but i have no idea if i have the right perspective on it. i'm shaking already. it's a nightmare. I hope you get on well. i've been reading the posts and there really is no clue from anyone on how they have done. fingers crossed. it all went well.
  20. Good luck to everyone who has their interview tomorrow!

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