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Aberdeen Primary PGDE 2013

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by angel_kk99, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Hi Eeyore, yes I stay in Aberdeen. You should be fine at the park and ride. Weather is just damp - hopefully stops there! x
  2. Hi everyone,

    Well its D day today! The butterflies are soaring all over my tummy. Got to wait till 3pm to get rid of them, so who else is at 3pm?

    Here's hoping the snow stops soon or will have to rethink my shoe option.

    See some of you soon.

    Kat xx
  3. I didn't make it to Aberdeen :-( I'd phoned to say I was going to be late due to the traffic, the snow from Huntly onwards was horrendous, about 40mph most of the way in. The traffic stopped at one of the roundabouts & didn't move for about half an hour. A couple police officers were advising to turn around because people were getting stuck going up the hill. Some were trying it but wasn't getting very far. So phoned the university back & she said to take the police's advise & go home, they'd arrange another interview for me. So turned back & all the heavy snow that I'd driven through had all gone!

    So now have to wait for another interview. Wonder if they had many people not being able to make it. Good luck to everyone that does make it!!
  4. Eeyore_83, I had one of the first interviews at 9.30 this morning, there were whispers about people not making it because of the weather, and it was pretty bad even in town! I wouldn't worry about not making it, I'd think they'll be impressed that you even tried. I definitely don't think you'll have been the only one. Good luck with your interview when you get it, and I hope the weather improves before then.
  5. Yeah, I heard that even some of the panel didn't make it in. Unfortunate, and really stressful for people stuck in traffic, but I guess these things happen! How was it, Snowbean? Mine was ok, no questions about my past, though, or about any of the things I'd prepared for, come to think of it! Just general questions about teaching. Still, we'll see! Good luck, all of you!
  6. Mine was exactly the same, the only questions were general ones about teaching, why I think I'd make a good teacher and stuff. I must have come across as very unprepared! Like you say, we can only await and see now, we've done what we can.
  7. Same general questions to report, nothing really tricky when I think about it now, but at the time I was a bit all over the shop. Came off jammed A96 at Westhill exit after losing half an hour, passed several wrecked cars on cautious but panicky way in, made it with 2 mins to spare, having allowed an extra hour!
    So much for relaxing final hour browsing my brilliant prepared answers and adding witty flourishes to my presentation...
    Interviewers were very friendly but I still dried up and forgot everything like last year, kept repeating myself and couldn't get words from brain to mouth successfully. Pretty sure I said I expected the less able pupils to help the well able (?) ones at one point.
    Good luck all, I'm now reduced to hoping they get a massive allocation of places this year that they struggle to fill [​IMG]
  8. Eeyore_83, several candidates didn't make it apparently and some of the interviewers too. So it wasn't only you. You did the right thing - I was on verge of doing so too but was desperate to get it over and done with. Hence mad cross-country dash. Silly really as a few more days prep might've been a good idea and it didn't do anything for my nerves! Good luck with re-arranged interview!
  9. When I phoned Cathy's number she said not to panic as I was a little! I was stuck on the A96 at Blackburn/Clinterty roundabout just before the road goes uphill & there was no way I was getting the car up that hill! My interview has been rescheduled to tomorrow at 11.30 so hopefully the weather & the roads will be better!

    Pandamoonium that sounds like me when I interview!
  10. Hi guys, hope those of you's that had your interviews today got on well :) and those that have them tomorrow, best of luck with it :) I have an interview via Skype for this course next week, just wondering if anyone who had their interview could post some of the questions they received, would be greatly appreciated :) Thanks :)
  11. Considering what the weather decided to do I think that was the best £30 I've spent in a while for a night at the city premier inn!
    Nothing seemed to be happening when I first looked out the window at about 7am but come 9am there was a white out in the city centre. So I decided to head off, even though my interview wasn't until 10.30am. Got parked in the main car park ok. Signed in at the front desk and went and sat in the cafe for a bit. At 10am I sauntered over to go and sit in the area the lady had indicated I should go to nearer my interview time and found myself instantly whisked upstairs by another lady! They were trying to reshuffle things with the interview times to fill up the spaces left by people getting in later or not being able to make it....so don't worry Eeyore, there were plenty of others in the same boat.
    Sat in the upstairs waiting area for approx 2 mins and spoke to 4 other candidates there very briefly...if anyone on here was included in that group I'm sorry we didn't get longer to chat....then a male interviewer came and collected me. So my head was spinning somewhat when I got into the interview room.
    After some general chit chat about the weather and when they would know how many places would be available for PGDE and, thus, when we would hear decisions about offers I did my presentation for the 2 interviewers. I think that it went well.
    In my presentation I had mentioned that teachers who were able to 'think outside of the box' would be better equipped to face challenges in education today. So one of the interviewers asked if I was the kind of person who could think outside of the box.....to which I enthusiatically replied "Yes! I believe it's one of my strengths." and then I mentally went 'DOH!' because his next question was "Give me an example of when you have thought outside of the box in a school context". I THINK I answered fairly satisfactorily but that was my curve ball question and I have no one else to blame for it other than myself! >_<
    Most of the other questions were fairly general although I did get one from the lady interviewer who asked how I would cope working as part of a team where things weren't going so well between members of staff. I think this was mainly to ascertain if I was a glass half full or half empty sort of person. So I remained fairly neutral with my opinion and just spoke about trying my best to keep channels of communication open and seeking advice from the head teacher, if appropriate.
    Oh and from what I could see of the other candidates I think I am definitely the Granny figure compared to the majority! [​IMG]
  12. Well just back from the interview and feel I could of done alot better.
    Not sure if i've done enough to get a place.

    Does anyone know when we're likely to hear and roughly how many
    places they're looking to get?

    Good luck to everyone tomorrow, there will be a couple of tough questions I know I got
    a few.

    Kat xx
  13. Hey Kat, dont worry too much I'm sure you will be okay :) What were the tough questions that you got asked? I'm preparing answers for questions like: What information had I on the Scottish curriculum
    What effective teaching techniques have I used in the classroom
    What values do I think a teacher should have
    Have I any new ideas to bring to teaching
    Why did I want to become a teacher?
    Don't know if this what I should be preparing??!!
  14. Kat, they won't know how many places for a couple of weeks at least. The male interviewer spoke about this to me at the beginning of my interview.
    I'm sure you will have done much better than you believe. I think everyone leaves the interview room feeling "If only if I'd said..." to a certain extent.
    IrishGuy, there are the generic questions like 'Why do you want to teach' but they will also personalise some to suit the content of your presentation, and those tend to be the trickier ones...so can't help you with those.
    Rule of thumb, if you're going to cite something as being a strength then be prepared to provide evidence with specific examples of a time when you used that strength.
  15. Hi all, Thank goodness that's over! The interview itself wasn't bad but I had brain freeze on several occasions and kind of laughed my way out of it... not sure having humour as a back-up is always a good thing! As far as questions, the same as what the others have already said... a couple on my presentation, then: Why do you want to teach? What qualities do you have that you think will make you a good teacher? What challenges do you think you may face as a PGDE student? To be honest, they were two really nice interviewers and made me feel as relaxed as you can be in these situations. I got no questions about past work history, the curriculum or current issues in education. That's not to say that others won't get asked these questions, but that was my experience. Eeyore, sorry to hear about your travel problems :( All the best for tomorrow, and to everyone who's still got theirs to come. At least we don't have long to wait! Hopefully they'll be telling us either way by 2 weeks' time.
  16. Hey, hope everyone's interviews went well today and good luck for everyone getting interviewed tomorrow! My interview wasn't what I expected at all, was more like a friendly chat and wasn't asked anything about issues in education, curriculum for excellence...was more about my presentation, why I chose it and my past work experience etc. I felt that I wasn't really given the opportunity to talk about other things that I could bring to teaching so overall feel a bit disappointed :( Just got to keep fingers crossed for now I guess!
  17. Irishguy - indeed! Sazcar, know what you mean - I was all prepped with info I'd read up on in tes and guardian, stuff on curriculum, had thought about explaining job progression etc - but none of it was necessary. Ach well, now I have an idea of what's going on in teaching! :) I left feeling like I hadn't really answered a great deal. Never mind. Done and dusted, and soon will be for all you other folk as well! All the best for those with an interview today and skype interviews later on.
  18. Well done though Eeyore, it's over and in their hands now! Glad to hear you made it in ok. Still pretty icy outside :/ I left thinking I hadn't said everything I'd planned either, but never mind. I'm going to treat myself to something nice this week (probably a large hot chocolate with marshmallows and a cake) and go watch a film - everyone's watching les mis, so may see if it lives up to the hype. Hope you find something you like to take your mind off it, too! :) xx
  19. I tried prompt cards when practising at home but wasn't working for me, so printed off my script and highlighted bits. When it came to the real thing, I found I didn't need the script too much anyway, but was reassuring just to have it in my hands. They didn't mind, so I'd say go for what you're comfortable with. Like L4DYBIRD, I only got asked a couple of questions on it anyway. You'll manage fine I'm sure! Will be crossing my fingers for you :)
  20. Thanks Pianist, I reckon I will use the full script too-hopefully will have the majority of it known by that stage anyway so won't have to keep looking down at it!! The fact that they don't mind makes me more assured of doing it that way so thanks for letting me know :) and thanks :D

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