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Aberdeen Primary PGDE 2013

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by angel_kk99, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Hi L4DYBIRD, best of luck for 14th Jan! I've never done this kind of presentation before either, but I reckon as the letter says no IT etc, we won't need to do handouts. Surely flash cards would be ok? Would be useful to have notes to stay on track! As you say, perhaps someone who has been through the process could share their experience with us :)
  2. Well thats my presentation written, no idea if its what their looking for but will soon find out.

    I'll be using flashcards, think I need them to remember everything I want to say.

    Just need to now time myself and make sure its not like 20 mins!

    1 week on Monday, eck!!

    See you then!
    Kat xxx
  3. Hi there,
    I have just been reading this whole thread and I thought I would write something too. [​IMG]
    I have been asked to go for an interview on the 14th at 11.30 and I am pretty nervous about it! I haven't picked a video yet so I admire your determination, with having already written your whole presentation!! For the presentation, as it says we are not supposed to do a slide show or anything, do we just stand up and talk for 5 minutes? That sounds like a dumb question but I will ask it anyway.
    How are you preparing for the interview? I get nervous about it just trying to decide on the video!
  4. Well done angel! That's impressive, gold star! :D Georgia, congratulations on getting an interview too, we're part-way there! Your question is not dumb, I was wondering myself, but am just going on what the letter says, basically 5 minute talk with no ICT (for me it's a blessing in disguise, as I'm not very lucky with technology!). I'm not an expert and don't know if this will help, but what I did was watch all the videos most of the way through to get an idea of their content, then chose one I felt confident talking about/understood. I did a big brainstorm under the headings from the letter, i.e. 'Issues in video', 'Explore issues in relation to role as teacher' and 'What I've learned from this exercise'. I watched my chosen video and took notes under the headings. Once it was on paper, I could see that there's more than enough to fill 5 minutes of talking - say 2 minutes to summarise issues, 2 minutes to explore issues and 1 minute for reflecting on what you've learned. Hope you preparation goes well and your interview goes even better! :)
  5. Greetings fellow nervous pre-interviewees, I too recommend Pianist82's approach. Do what you're asked to do on the letter. You'll find it harder to stay under 5 mins than exceed it so just pick a video you feel you can talk about and go for it.
    Easier said than done I know, but don't let your nerves get the better of you - everyone is in the same boat and the interviewers expect some nerves - it's an interview, it's natural. You're not expected to know everything about being a teacher, because you're not one yet. That was a mistake I made last time - my presentation was more like a mini-lecture but I clearly didn't have the depth of knowledge to back it up. So relax and say what you think, not what you think they might expect you to know.
    This year I've cleverly managed to catch the flu in the run up to the interview, so my speech is probably feverish nonsense which will only dawn on me while I'm presenting it. So it will be delivered with a comedy facial expression of dawning horror. Ho hum. Good luck to all when the time comes, and enjoy the wonderful sense of relief as you exit the interview room, it's a hurdle crossed regardless of whether it went well or not so well.
  6. Thanks Pandamoonium, just call me The Oracle! :D Sorry to hear you've got the flu, hope you're all dosed up and cosy, and perhaps being under the influence of Lemsip and Olbas will be a bonus... All the best to you too, here's hoping we clear the hurdle!
  7. Hi,
    Well i timed my presentation the other day and it was 2 minutes over. Although my thinking is i will forget some of the minor stuff i've wrote. I'll have flash cards so will remember the main issues.
    Is anyone else relating the topics they are talking about to their own experiences?
    So 1 week today, anyone else starting to get the butterflies? Anyone doing any specific reading this week?
    Guess i'll see some of you next week, yah!!!
    Kat x
  8. Yeah, I was thinking about relating the topics to my own experience, but I don't want to sound too much like I think I know it all! Anyone with any wisdom to share on this?!
    Did you go for the fourth one in the end, Kat?

  9. Just about finished my presentation. Just need to practice it on a few victims and get it down on flash cards.
    Yes, I will definitely draw on past experiences as a classroom assistant. I am sure you would not be regarded as a 'know all' by taking this approach, after all, you are trying to sell yourself and convince them that you are suitable for teacher training. Past experience is a major strength and should be talked up wherever possible.
    Last time I did a presentation (for a job interview) I gave the interviewers a hand out sheet which summarised in bullet points the key topics as I addressed them. This meant that the interviewers tended to glance down at the handout every so often which made me feel like they were scrutinising me a wee bit less!
    Good luck everyone! [​IMG]
  10. Hey everyone

    I also have an interview on 14th at 11:30. Was just wondering, as a few people are saying they have similar times, is it an individual interview or a group interview? I have not prepared myself for a group one!!

    Good luck to you all :)
  11. Hi,
    Yep i decided to go with the fourth video i think i had the most experience in the classrom for this and thought it would be the one i could get most enthuisatic about.
    Its an individual interview but i think there is several interview panels, atleast i hope that is the case!
    What video has everyone decided to go with?
    Kat xx
  12. Hi, I have an interview to postgrad primary on the 14th too.

    I'm so glad I stumbled on this thread cause I thought we had to prepare all 4 videos for a 5 minute presentation and on the day they would just pick one at random for me to present on. As you can imagine I've been frantic preparing 4 presentations and wondering how I'm going to remember them all!!

    Just making one presentation now seems so much easier and I'm so much less stressed now! Now I just need to pick which one of my 4 to learn!! :)
  13. Kristen you could make some money out of this by selling the three presentations you no longer need to last-minute panickers [​IMG]
    Doing all four surely shows tremendous determination and effort, I'd be tempted to mention it if I wasn't worried about the not reading all the instructions issue...
    I chose video 1, since when I've done little else except think of brilliant ideas for the other 3...
    It's an individual interview, last year people were seen by either 1 or 2 interviewers at a time, didn't seem to be any pattern to whether you got 1 or 2, just the luck of the draw.
    Absolutely yes to referring to your own experiences, my earlier comments were in no way meant to suggest that that was a bad idea - I meant that you shouldn't worry about not knowing everything there is to know about being a teacher, because the interviewers won't expect you to.
  14. I know what an idiot! [​IMG]

    I'm still tossing between videos 3 and 4 as I can link these with my classroom experience fairly easily.

    It's difficult trying to anticipate what questions they will ask. I will prepare for your generic "Why do you want to be a primary teacher?" and just hope they dont throw anything too unexpected our way.
    We've all done so well getting to this stage as it's such a competitive course, I just hope we can get through this interview now!
  15. Tansy1988

    Tansy1988 New commenter


    Congratulations to all who got interviews! My application has been put on 'stop' and have emailed admissions asking what this means and apparently they can't decide yet on my application. After reading on this that interviews are Monday and Tuesday I am assuming the worst.
    Was just wondering if this has happened to anyone else? This is my first application so I am doubtful this year..

  16. Hi everyone :)
    Congratulations to all who have interviews. Tansy1988, don't give up, no news might be good news, maybe they're planning a second lot of interviews.
    Not long now, I'm getting very nervous. It will be nice when it's over and done with. My interview is on Tuesday at 10am....originally I was offered an interview through Skype because I live in Ireland but I felt it would be strange doing a presentation over Skype, the process is stressful enough!! Instead, I took them up on their second option of arranging a face to face interview. That's why mine is on Tuesday.
    Pianist82, thanks for the link, very useful. I spoke to someone who was successful at interview stage a couple of years ago and her tip was to be as confident and enthusiastic as you can. She thinks it's what they see in a person.
    Now time for a girly question....what are people wearing? Should we wear suits?
  17. I wouldn't give up hope either tansy1988, no news is good news and it may be they are holding a second set of interviews.

    Haz87 I'm going to wear a suit (trousers and jacket) but not with a shirt just a white patterned top as I wanted to look smart but not overly formal.

    I'm going to pack my presentation prompt cards, a pen and spare notepad just in case to be prepared. I don't think we will need anything else?

    Thanks for sharing your previous experience katem2507 it's good to hear what type of thing they may ask us and pianis82's link should help too!

    I spoke to someone on their nqt year and she said that its best to sell what skills you can bring to teaching and she said have an opinion but be careful not to be forceful with it if they ask about teaching issues as you don't know which side of the fence the interviewer sits on!

    This is my first time round so I'm not overly optimistic as so many people seem to get rejected the first time! I really want to get in though and hopefully we will all be sitting in the same lecture hall soon!
  18. Hi All

    I've just found this forum... I too have an interview on Monday, at 9.30. I only found out about it on Wednesday afternoon, so I don't have long to prepare. I'm assuming this is because I didn't get my application in until about half an hour before the deadline (a hold up with my 1st reference). I haven't done a presentation in a long time, so it's safe to say I'm nervous!

    Good luck to everyone! I hope we'll all be meeting each other in August :)
  19. Everyone ironed their shirts and shined their shoes?

    Good luck, hope to meet some of you tomorrow!
  20. Yep! Indeed, fingers crossed to one and all!! :)

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