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Aberdeen Primary PGDE 2013

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by angel_kk99, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Now everyone sing.....
    Sleigh Bells ring, are you listening.....
  2. In the lane, snow is glistening...
  3. Not to worry anyone, but I looked up Aberdeen's primary course on GTTR and it says there's no vacancies. Do you think that may mean they have ear-marked all the candidates they want for interview?
  4. Final numbers for teacher training courses aren't set until end of february when they are agreed by the gov't. Aberdeen will just have put 0 up because the final date has passed for accepting applications.
  5. Ah thanks for explaining that. Was a bit confused (happens easily in my case...!)
  6. I have got my interview offer yesterday for PGDE Primary at Aberdeen for mid January! Anyone else? Anyone know what sort of questions they ask or got any insight into the interview process?
  7. Thanks for the heads-up, checked GTTR and status updated to interview! Not got letter from Abdn yet, presume Xmas post delay. This is my second attempt after a particularly poor interview last year due no sleep the night before - don't stay in the Travelodge in the centre of town the night before! Is my first suggestion. Be well prepared is my obvious second - they send you a bunch of videos to study beforehand and ask you to present on one of them. It's not a long presentation but obviously you're expected to know a fair bit on whichever topic you pick. Interview follows presentation and was pretty standard interview stuff, don't remember any tricky curveballs - they just want to give you the chance to tell them why you want to be a teacher really.
    So plenty study/prep, plenty sleep, plan your route to the building, and good luck! (Assuming same format as last year!)
  8. Congrats guys! Nothing for me as yet.... :/
  9. When's your interview, Barnezze? I also have an interview but have to wait until I get home for Christmas to find out when!
    Good luck, all!
  10. Pandamoonium - snap! Checked this morning and it's updated! No letter either, although not a surprise judging by the queues in the post office yesterday. Second attempt for me too - come on, we can do this!!
  11. Found out yesterday that i have an interview too! Not found out any other details as of yet just noticed it my portal - so excited! This is my first attempt and hopefully only one!! Good luck to everyone, might even see you there [​IMG] Kat xx
  12. Yay Kat! xx
  13. Interviews 14th and 15th Jan, same format as last year - presentation then interview. Pianist82 - hopefully our dogged determination and refusal to accept defeat will see us through this time :)
  14. We shall never accept defeat! Onward, soldiers.... :D
  15. I've got an interview too!! On the 14th :) So excited but nervous too.
  16. Oh me too! I'm on the 14th at 3pm. When does everyone else have theirs?
    You decided on your presentation yet? Think i might do mine on the last one.

    Kat xx
  17. Also 14th at 3pm! Will we be presenting to other candidates, then?
  18. Mine is at 10am. I'm getting nervous just talking about it! I only got my letter yesterday & haven't had a chance to look at the links yet. I'm going to look at it after Christmas.
  19. eeyore_83, good plan, enjoy Christmas first (priorities!) :D Hope you have a good one.
  20. Yes, I am also going to get xmas out of the way before trying to get my head around doing the presentation. My interview is on Monday 14th January.
    Has anyone here given this kind of presentation before at Aberdeen? Are visual aids ever used? I know it says no powerpoint but what about handouts or flipcharts?
    Also, do they expect you to have memorised your presentation or can you read from notes or flash cards?
    I know we're only talking about 5 minutes but it would be good to hear from folk that have been through this experience and come out alive! :/

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