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Aberdeen Primary PGDE 2013

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by angel_kk99, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Hi Guys,
    Thought i'd start a thread for Primary at Aberdeen for 2013.
    I got a letter a couple of weeks ago asking for my certificates but not heard anything since. Anyone else heard anything?
    Anyone got any idea of whats the presentation topics are or what questions are asked at the interview?
    Hopefully will hear soon, i sent and paid for my application on the 23rd Oct.
    Kat xx
  2. I sent off my application this morning. This is my 4th time applying to the PGDE but 1st time using GTTR. When is the 2nd referee used?
  3. As i undertand it, only by exception. I would imagine if your application and/or primary reference is a bit thin, they may contact your second referee to flesh out some more information.
  4. Hi Guys,

    Great idea setting up this thread Kat :). There doesn't seem to be many threads out there about Aberdeen. I'm the same, I submitted my application a couple of weeks ago and then they asked for my certs but I haven't heard anything since. Hope they don't leave us hanging too long.

    Eeyore how do you know the dates that they are holding interviews?
  5. I spoke to the admissions department at Aberdeen today to confirm they'd received my certificates. The lady said interview dates hadn't been tied down yet.

    To be honest 2nd week in January would sound about right though, although i'd imagine interview dates would differ from subject to subject. I'm guessing that would be the case.
  6. I attended a VC through UHI where 2 members of staff from Aberdeen were in attendance who said the dates. Well they said the 13th & 14th so I assumed the 14th & 15th as the 13th is a Sunday! I'm assuming they will also hold interviews on other days but those were the dates that were mentioned.
  7. Thanks eeyore_83, here's hoping! :)
  8. Hi everyone, just wanted to wish you all the best in your applications this year! I think I already know the answer to this question but just wondering if anyone has heard back re interviews for Aberdeen PGDE Primary 2013 yet?
  9. Hi Sarah, I haven't heard anything yet. I think the closing date is Thursday 6th, so I'm hoping we'll know if we have interviews soon after that. I'm constantly checking my emails, waiting is the hardest part. Good luck with your application too :)
  10. Yes, closing date is this Thursday. Not long! :) Hope we're not hanging on until after Christmas...
  11. I'm no good at this waiting lark! Lord help me if I one day become pregnant!!
  12. lol, the waiting part is awful isn't it, fingers crossed we'll hear something soon!
  13. may aswell join in the convo! i''m applying for PGDE at aberdeen this year also.
    i have a question regarding admissions actually.
    i guess each course has a specific number of students it can accomodate? for example my subject is chemistry.i think the science courses run together for workshops but maybe other subjects arent? or is everyone in together?
    also i'm so worried everyone seems to have sent off their applications already :$ i read on gttr that there is no official closing date for esecondary teaching and interviews are generally held in july.

  14. Hey, my friend is at Aberdeen just now doing pgde biology, she applied in may and had her interview in June. nApparently they have mixed lectures with primary and other secondary courses and have a mixture of workshops with the secondary sciences...hope this helps!
  15. When i spoke to Aberdeen a few months back they explained the PGDE is usually 2 days attendance at the Uni per week. I think it is Monday and Thursday. The Monday is mainly joint lectures on the overall subject of teaching which are attended by everyone, regardless of subject. The Thursday is subject specific.

    However, Aberdeen are currently looking at reshaping the programme, so that may change.

    It was explained to me that interviews begin in January. There are a set number of places for each subject - and once they're gone, they're gone. The sooner you get your application in, the sooner you can expect to be interviewed.
  16. sounds fun!
    yeh i've pretty much finished writing up the statements just need to edit out bits. one of my former teachers has kindly agreed to review it for me so just waiting for her feedback then i'll get it sent off.
    it was such hard work writing a personal statement i have no idea what i wrote back when i was 17 to start my degree then.
    out of interest, are there more places for say english teachers than there are for say physics teachers? or are place available pretty similar regardless of the subject?

    also sarah - i guess ur friend is pretty lucky then! i've heard there is lot of competition for biology (maybe that's just in comparison to the other sciences though)
  17. No, there are differences between the subjects in terms of the number of places available.

    There was a post on one of the threads here quite recently showing the stats for 2010/11 that illustrated this.

    It was explained to me that places are allocated to subjects based in part on a rough estimate of the number of jobs that are likely to be available in those subjects at the end of training and probation. These are then divided amongst all the providers offering that subject across Scotland. That would certainly make sense to me, though i have a feeling getting a job at the end of probation will not be that straightforward.
  18. that makes sense, ill need to try and find that thread.
    haha yeh there are a ton of teaching jobs mainly primary actually on the local council website that are only until 31st march 2013.
  19. Anyone heard anything from the uni yet?
    I put my application in on the 23rd October and still no decision yet. Sent copies of my transcript/qualifications at start of November and still nothing!
    I hate all this waiting!!!
    Kat x
  20. Hi Kat, likewise! Application was in as early as possible but nothing as yet. Perhaps we could sing some Christmas songs while we're waiting... altogether now.... "When Santa got stuck up the chimney...." :)

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